Left-Wing Lunatics Attack Trump Supporters

Outside a Donald Trump rally in San Jose, CA, the violent, left-wing protesters who show up at every one of his events sank to their lowest lows yet. In a shocking scene that rivaled the near-riotous atmosphere in Chicago earlier this year, these “protesters” threw eggs at Trump supporters, attacked them violently, and left several innocent people bloodied and disoriented.

How does the media frame this scene? From The Washington Post:

The ugly scenes of violence toward Trump supporters appeared to be the inverse of similar incidents earlier in the campaign in which Trump protesters, not supporters, were targeted.

Well, you have to give them credit for at least including the phrase “appeared to be.” They’re not wrong. What they fail to mention is that the only reason it ever “appeared” that way was because they – the liberal media – chose to cover it that way. From the beginning, 99.9% of the violence surrounding the Trump campaign has come from reckless, ignorant protesters.

And so it is today.

“It’s sad to see San Jose representing like this,” said one protester. “Trump is the one igniting the hate. You can’t fight fire with fire.”

Oh, when will these people wake up? There is no “fire” to fight. You’re the ones creating the fire!

But it’s hard to wake up when everyone from your liberal professors to your immigrant activist leaders to the mainstream media is lying 24/7. These poor ignoramuses never have a chance to hear the truth. They’ve been indoctrinated, turned into social justice soldiers who can’t tell the difference between reality and propaganda.

Hillary Clinton, in a speech earlier in the day, said there was a “deep reservoir of common sense” in America that would keep Trump from being elected president.

Well, if that’s what was on display outside the San Jose rally, then America’s “common sense” is going to lead this country down a very disturbing path. Maybe what we really need going forward is some uncommon sense.

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