Leftist Author: Russian Hacks Justify New Election

According to American University assistant professor Chris Edelson, the U.S. should hold a special election do-over in light of the intelligence community’s assessment that Russia interfered in the 2016 race. Although U.S. intelligence agencies agree that Russia did not tamper with the voting machines, Edelson believes that the fact of foreign meddling alone is enough to justify another election.

In an op-ed for The Hill, the liberal author says the 2016 election “was delegitimized by foreign interference.”

From Edelson’s piece:

If we can confirm the intelligence report’s conclusion that Putin intervened with the goal of electing Trump, there must be a new election in the United States.

This sounds extraordinary, and of course it is. But it can be done, and indeed must be done in order to uphold the fundamental democratic principle of free and fair elections, a principle undermined by the Russian efforts.

Because some scandalous emails were stolen from the poorly-guarded DNC servers, Edelson thinks we should do away with 200+ years of American history and simply get everyone back out to vote. Edelson recognizes how ludicrous that sounds, of course, so he recommends we begin with an independent congressional investigation that would “seek to determine whether Russian interference affected the election outcome and gave Trump a victory.”

Now how on earth would the panel come to this conclusion? How many individual voters would even be able to determine for themselves how much or how little they were swayed by the emails from Podesta and the DNC? Real life isn’t so black and white. Even if it were, are we talking about polling here? After the election we just had? You must be kidding.

“If it is determined that Russian efforts did indeed put Trump over the top in an incredibly close election, then the next step would be to pass a constitutional amendment requiring a one-time special election to be held as soon as possible,” Edelson writes.

It hardly seems worth the effort to rebuke this ridiculous idea, but then again, there’s a lot of crazy floating around in LeftyLand these days. Trump’s arch nemesis, Rosie O’Donnell, is on Twitter calling for “martial law” to be declared and for Inauguration Day to be delayed until investigators can prove or disprove the BuzzFeed dossier.

Until Trump has taken the Oath, we can’t discount anything.

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