Leftists Now Attacking Declaration of Independence as “Racist, Sexist” Document

In their never-ending search for grievances against America, leftists have now trained their gaze on the Declaration of Independence itself – that hallowed founding document that preceded the American Revolution and set the stage for the greatest country that ever existed. Today’s left-wingers, of course, don’t see it that way. To them, our country was forged in the fires of white supremacy (and male supremacy), and nothing much has changed in the 200+ years since. Thus, they are on a mission to re-educate the public on the “true” history of the United States. The sooner they can convince the majority that America was never great, the sooner they can get down to the business of re-making it in their socialist, anarchist vision.

On the digital pages of that hoary old left-wing rag Salon, historian Matthew Rozsa threw the site’s readership some blue meat by proclaiming the Declaration of Independence a “sexist, racist, prejudiced” document that represented the “Fourth of July’s ugly truth.”

Rozsa begins his essay by noting that “without this seminal text, every social justice movement that has followed would have never come to pass,” as though the only reason for America to exist for these last couple of centuries was for liberals to march in the streets.

Why is the Declaration of Independence such an abomination? Rozsa divides his essay into three reasons: “It did not condemn slavery,” “it did not protect the rights of women,” and “to the disadvantage of Native Americans, Jefferson replaced the phrase ‘property’ with happiness when saying that human beings’ basic rights include ‘Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.’”

On this last point, Rozsa (reluctantly) notes that Jefferson “might have been” influenced by the Enlightenment philosophy of John Locke, but he then quotes another historian to suggest that rather than being inspired by Locke and by wishing to downplay the legitimacy of slavery, Jefferson “might have been” simply trying to avoid enshrining the natural property rights of Indians. That’s a lot of “might have beens” for a historian lobbing such weighty accusations against Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence.

Rozsa ends his piece by assuring readers that he does not mean to denigrate the Declaration or to suggest that we shouldn’t take pride in the document. But in writing this piece of click-bait, he is doing far more than just reminding Americans that we had some civil rights problems at the time of the founding. He is telling leftists that it’s perfectly okay to despise the Founders, to despise the original Flag of the United States, and to despise everything that made America, America.

They are trying to do a foundational memory wipe in preparation of America 2.0: The Woke Years. Hopefully, this country is strong enough to forever resist that transformation.

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