Liberal Hate Comes Home to Roost in Virginia

As a general rule, the liberals will always default to the gun control argument after a sensationalized shooting, but it’s a fallacy that they ALWAYS go in that direction. The truth is that, while gun control is always on the periphery of the discussion, the left is more than happy to pursue another political aim if the opportunity presents itself. Consider: Their rhetoric after the 2015 Planned Parenthood shooting, where they blamed Republicans for trying to defund the abortion organization and the rhetoric therein. Also: The black church shooting from that summer, where the focus was, bizarrely, on the Confederate flag.

But if there’s any – ANY – chance that a shooting might have been caused or inspired by something like Islam or environmental psychosis or some other form of liberal hysteria, then rest assured they will make gun control the top priority. As much as these Democrats really love the idea of chipping away at the Second Amendment, they love gun control even more when they can use it as a political shield to keep Americans from talking about the real issue.

And this week, they’ve got real reasons to be concerned about that issue.

The social media pages of one James T. Hodgkinson do not just reveal a man deeply disturbed in a general sense; they reveal a man who was driven to lunacy by the extremist rantings of the left. Granted, Hodgkinson was likely not standing on the firm ground of sanity prior to the 2016 election, but we’re sure that groups he belonged to like “Terminate the Republican Party” and TV hosts like Rachel Maddow did not do anything to help. And now, if they can’t distract with the issue of gun control, the liberal mediasphere will have to confront their responsibility in this and other potential incidents of violence.

Simply put, you can’t sit there and tell Americans – over and over and over and over – that the President of the United States is an illegitimate traitor to the country without stirring up the crazies. In fact, can you even consider it “crazy”? After all, if you keep yourself in a liberal vacuum, you could be forgiven for believing that what’s happening right now in the U.S. is nothing less than a travesty to democracy. You would think – to a certainty – that Donald Trump colluded with the Russian dictator to steal the presidency. And you would think, quite rightly, that Democrats are unable to do anything about it. If you really thought this, why wouldn’t you take up arms – especially if you were somewhat unbalanced to begin with?

No one is truly responsible for the shooting other than the shooter himself. But if the left doesn’t cool it with their most outrageous and unproven accusations against the president, then they are collectively complicit.

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