Liberal Lawyer: Jan. 6 Hearings a Kangaroo Court

Respected attorney, constitutional scholar, and self-described Democrat, Alan Dershowitz says that the primetime Jan. 6 hearing was a “kangaroo court,” that was little more than a made-for-TV movie, and any conclusions it made should be “ignored.”

Speaking to Newsmax during the live coverage of the hearing, Dershowitz said, “This is a kangaroo court; this is a fixed jury. This is a group of people who are selected with a predetermined narrative, including the two Republicans, and so nobody should take seriously any of conclusions reached by this partisan committee.”

Dershowitz, a renowned lawyer, and Harvard professor emeritus, said this hearing lacks constitutional due process or any kind of proper cross-examination.

He continued his running commentary while watching the proceedings, “I’m a jury lawyer, and I know that prosecutions get the last word, so I always tell the jurors when I have my opportunity before the prosecution’s last word: Just imagine what I would have said if I had a chance to respond. And I ask your viewers to imagine how different this would be if this were a balanced committee.”

As the primetime hearing continued, Dershowitz said this hearing lacks “fairness” or “due process.”

“When I watch this, I compare it to the 911 commission — 911 was a real attack on America — and what we did was appoint a commission, nonpartisan, bipartisan commission of experts that had credibility,” Dershowitz told host Rob Schmitt as Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., was delivering his opening remarks.

“They didn’t have long speeches like this one. They didn’t try to gain partisan advantage for either side. They tried to get to the truth, and people believed the conclusions of the 911 commission because they had credibility.”

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