Liberal Writer Just Comes Out and Says It: “Get Rid of ICE”

We actually appreciate it when liberals just come out and say what they mean. It makes it so much easier to have a serious debate when the extreme left takes off its mask of, “Oh, we believe in the Second Amendment, we just…” hemhawing and just says it outright: “We think all guns should be banned.” It’s easier for everyone to know exactly where they stand when the radical feminists don’t bother with, “Well, I personally would never have an abortion, but…” and just comes out with it: “We think there should be a free Planned Parenthood on every streetcorner.” When the left says what it really means, moderate Democrat voters can see, plainly and simply, what it is they’re supporting with their vote and decide with all the facts if they want to keep doing that.

That’s why we don’t see this kind of honesty very often.

So here’s to Ryan Cooper at The Week, who had one of those come-out-and-say-it moments as it pertains to illegal immigration: Essentially, he doesn’t think it should be a thing. Not in the way YOU think it shouldn’t be a thing, mind you. No, Cooper thinks we should basically erase “illegal immigration” off the map as a prosecutable crime and, as such, we should get rid of the federal agency in charge of deporting these immigrants back home.

From his column:

The most notorious government agency under the Trump presidency is surely U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. The president may not be able to build his wall, but he can turn a horde of goons loose on America’s schools, churches, and homes.

In the spirit of bold policy ideas, allow me to propose a reform of ICE: Just get rid of it. There is simply no need to have an agency whose major task is rounding up and deporting otherwise law-abiding immigrants.


Abolishing ICE would have to be part of a broader immigration reform. The best way to start is with full legal amnesty for all unauthorized immigrants and an overhaul of the legal immigration procedure to make it drastically simpler and considerably easier to gain residence.

Whew, doesn’t that feel good! Confession is good for the soul. Cooper’s dream is shared by all pro-illegal immigration Democrats, but he’s one of the few who will admit it. Just get rid of deportations, legalize all aliens, and then reduce the red tape of immigration down to little more than a form at the border: Would you like to stay in the U.S. as a permanent resident? Check Yes or No, sign here, don’t forget to check out Disneyland. Boom, overnight, you’ve solved the illegal immigration crisis.

You can’t have illegal immigration, after all, if there’s no law against it anymore.

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