Liberals Denounce Trump’s “Silent Majority” as Racist

If liberals were half as good at finding solutions as they are at finding racism, the Democratic Party would rule Washington for the next hundred years. Whether it’s hoop skirts, Confederate flags, or using the word “resilient” to describe the city of New Orleans, there’s nothing too small or insignificant or downright silly for our nation’s treasured race-baiters. The latest thing they’ve deemed racist? Donald Trump’s “silent majority.”

“You know when Trump talks about not having time for being PC and for wanting to ‘make America great again’?”, wrote Hillary Linardopoulos in the Huffington Post. “He means for white America. And the silent majority he refers to? And people being ‘afraid’ to say things? White people. Afraid to say racist things out loud.”

Linardopoulos doesn’t provide a source for this conclusion, so we can assume that she pulled the idea – to quote Trump – “out of her wherever.” But she’s not alone in condemning Trump’s supporters as a collection of fearful white racists. Ron Brownstein of the National Journal told CNN Sunday that the phrase had its origins in a divisive time.

“When Richard Nixon coined the phrase in October 1969,” he said, “the first time it was used in the fall in a speech defending the Vietnam War, there was no question it was in the context of political and social protests from young people and African-Americans.”

Brownstein’s not wrong, though the historical context of the phrase has little to do with Trump’s use of it in 2015. Brownstein’s hardly a liberal, but with this remark, he might as well become one. This is exactly what the left does, time and time again. They go poring through the history books to find some way to make the innocent obscene.

Even if it’s true that Trump’s supporters are overwhelmingly white, what of it? We seem to be marching towards a future where it’s automatically racist to have a paler shade of skin. This is what all of this “white privilege” talk has brought us. White people are born evil, saddled with a thousand generations of racism. And this is true even if not a single one of your ancestors ever even thought about owning a slave. How DARE you make matters worse by voting Republican! You should bow your head in deference to any black leader, any black politician, and any black person you meet. Black lives matter, fella, and ONLY black lives matter.

The really astonishing thing, though, is that they can’t see how this is a creation of their own design. Let’s say it’s true, for the sake of argument. White people love Donald Trump because he speaks to their racist hearts. Fine. Why would that suddenly work? Could it be because the left has spent the last 12 months relentlessly claiming that police are racist murderers, despite having very little evidence to support their theory? Could it be because white Americans are sick and tired of feeling guilty for a problem they didn’t create? No, no, couldn’t be that.

The so-called silent majority isn’t “afraid of saying racist things out loud.” They are afraid of this country being pushed so far to the left that we leave any semblance of truth, justice, and common sense behind like so much campfire ash. If it’s racist to look at the facts and say to a black man, “Nope, you’re wrong,” then being a racist is no longer anything to be ashamed of.

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