Liberals Embarrass Themselves with Debate Tweets

Liberal “journalists” rushed to their Twitter accounts Tuesday night to take potshots at the Republican candidates. A day after MSNBC’s Chris Matthews did some fine handwringing over Chris Christie’s decision to call ISIS terrorists “animals,” the leftists in this country were similarly shocked and outraged by a field of candidates intent on destroying terrorism.

Ishaan Tharoor, the foreign affairs correspondent for the Washington Post, was first out of the gate, taking aim at the first of two CNN debates. “At what point,” Tharoor asked, “can we just say the undercard debate is a bunch of old white men yelling at each other about things they have no control over?”

What a superb question! Counter: At what point could we say something like that about any other race? And there you’ll have your answer.

Except, of course, that’s not really true, because you can say anything at all about white people in this country without the slightest fear of being branded a racist. On the flipside, you can’t even disagree with liberal policies without being chased into a forest by a mob of angry radicals.

Tharoor also joined the Matthews chorus, hinting that the Republican “obsession with radical Islam” was merely an excuse for rampant xenophobia.

The Nation’s Dave Zirin got into the action as well:

“I admit to having called Carly Fiorina a bloodthirsty barbarian,” he wrote.

Zirin is apparently among those in the liberal elite who still think we’re going to conquer radical Islamic terror with kind words.

But hey, he’s in good company. Hillary Clinton herself (or, more accurately, one of her campaign staffers) took exception to the rhetoric she heard on the GOP stage. “We’re not at war with a religion,” she reminded her Twitter followers. “Hillary knows the difference.”

She posted a screenshot of a comment she made in November, where she offered this brilliant insight:

Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.

Peaceful? Many, sure. Tolerant? Maybe. But for a person who wants to be the next president of the United States to say that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism should be a wakeup call to anyone still thinking about voting this woman into office. There are ways to counter the idea that America is at war with a religion without abandoning common sense. You would be hard-pressed to even find Muslims who would buy into this idiocy, unless they are stupid in addition to being peaceful and tolerant.

All the liberal journalists in the world, however, can’t match the Republicans themselves when it comes to making the party look bad. The candidates that are still out there banging the drum against Donald Trump should be ashamed of themselves. Especially since the worst of them have exactly zero chance of being the nominee. Take a look across the political and ideological aisle. Is it worth sinking the election so you can get your shots in? Do us, the Republican Party, and the country a favor and just drop out already.

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