Liberals Gone Wild – “Is Rioting So Wrong?”


On both sides of the political spectrum, most people were appalled by what happened in Ferguson on Monday night. While some blamed the rioters and others blamed the “man,” everyone mostly agreed that the looting, arson, and violence that shook the city was to be condemned.

Well, not everyone.

Some liberals in the media have decided that violence just might be justified. Despite the fact that the Ferguson rioters only hurt themselves and their neighbors with their lawless actions, some have suggested that peaceful protests are only available to white people and minorities who are safely ensconced in “mainstream culture.”

Consider an op-ed piece on, written in response to the criticism. The author, still carrying the simplistic, divisive narrative of a police officer killing a “young, unarmed black man in the streets,” argues that it is only natural that anger should follow the grand jury’s decision. They go on to ask: “In such a case, is rioting so wrong?

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Let me say this. If what happened in Ferguson on August 9th lined up with what many protestors seem to think happened that day, perhaps a violent uprising would be justified. After all, if a white cop decided to harass, attack, and kill a college-bound black teenager for no good reason only to get off scot-free, what options are left but violence? But that story doesn’t line up with the facts of the case. At all. Forensic evidence – each and every piece of it as far as I can determine – perfectly corroborates Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events. And since that’s the case, protestors can fall back on only one argument: since Michael Brown was unarmed, Wilson should not have shot him. Period.

But that’s ridiculous. While there’s little evidence to corroborate Wilson’s claim that Brown reached into his waistband before charging him, it’s certainly not a stretch to imagine that he did. Considering Brown’s actions up to that point – which included reaching for and nearly taking control of Wilson’s gun – the officer had every reason to think he might have had a weapon of his own. Even if he didn’t think that, Brown was apparently coming at him. I guess protestors think he should have engaged in a wrestling match with the suspect, allowing for the distinct chance that Brown would win the confrontation, take his gun, and execute him right then and there.

Since there is very little evidence to suggest an alternative explanation for what happened that day, violent protests are in no way excusable. In fact, it’s hard to justify protests of any kind. But when most of the mainstream media continue to lob criticisms at the police, the prosecutor, the governor, and Wilson himself, the outcome is inevitable. The protestors didn’t come up with this narrative all by themselves. They were fed this garbage version of events systematically, and almost every reporter and pundit on the major networks shares the blame. Protestors may chant “F**K CNN,” but I’m not sure why. CNN and their cohorts are wholly responsible for them being out there in the first place.

Enormous, unlawful protests broke out well beyond St. Louis on Tuesday night. New York, Boston, L.A., and Atlanta were among the many cities engaged in marches. These demonstrations, thankfully, were largely peaceful. But if reporters, politicians, and left wing instigators continue to lie about the facts of this case, that peace may not last long.

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