To Liberals, the Very Idea of “Western Civilization” is Offensive and Racist

For whatever good he does or doesn’t accomplish as president, Donald Trump is already one of our most effective Republican politicians in a generation for one simple reason: With every passing month, his very presence in the Oval Office inspires new, absurd levels of outrage from the left. Well, maybe “new” is the wrong word. “Newly revealed” might be a better term to use. Because Trump isn’t necessarily driving liberals further to the left; he’s merely angering them to such extremes that they are forgetting to keep their masks of moderation held tightly in place. From the bottle-throwing anarchists outside the G20 to the “intellectuals” writing for The New York Times, liberals are so incensed by Trump’s presidency that they are accidentally and repeatedly exposing their true beliefs to the world.

Granted, this was already happening to some extent while President Obama was still in office. Emboldened by his victories, the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party started grabbing up more and more of the left-wing real estate. And thus the vicious cycle began. The party’s increasing distance from American reality gave space for a throwback populist like Trump to succeed and made it necessary for a would-be left/moderate like Hillary Clinton to completely throw herself into the briar patch of progressivism. Which she did, albeit poorly. But then again, it’s not easy to reinvent yourself as a true-blue left-wing nutjob when your nomination is being threatened by an ACTUAL socialist. And of course, she had plenty of problems of her own that had nothing to do with where she landed on the political barometer. But we digress…

The point is that the Democratic Party, which has been running scared from the “elitist liberal” moniker since the days of Hillary’s husband, has now been taken over by the fringiest of the fringe. And after a stunning loss last November, they are steadfastly refusing to learn the lesson of the election. Instead, deranged by Trump, they are cruising further and further into hammer-and-sickle territory. For example: The predominant, shocking leftist reactions to President Trump’s speech in Warsaw last week.

The liberal website derided the speech as an “alt-right manifesto.” The Atlantic’s Peter Beinart warned readers about the speech’s “racial and religious paranoia.” The Washington Post’s Anne Applebaum, upon hearing Trump’s impassioned defense of Western civilization, said that the very concept of the West was rooted in racism and cultural exclusion – the dangerous kind of nationalism that gives rise to fascism.

This is the left’s reaction to a speech where Trump sounded like a 2017 version of Ronald Reagan?

Occasions like this are important, because they signal to the rank-and-file Democrat voter something that many of them are slowly but surely becoming aware of: The party they thought they belonged to – the one that was all about the labor movement, the working class, and traditional neoliberal values – has been replaced by a mongrel ideology that is, frankly, anti-white, anti-Christian, and anti-American.

Good luck running on that platform.

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