Liberals Lash Out at Jill Biden for Honoring Republican


Many people on the left were furious and outraged over a seemingly innocuous announcement that first lady Jill Biden will reveal a United States Postal Service stamp honoring the late Nancy Reagan.

The White House released a statement saying the first lady would unveil the stamp on Monday at the White House alongside Reagan’s niece Anne Peterson.

Some took the occasion to take shots at Reagan based on criticism about the response of the Republican’s administration to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. They noted that the announcement was especially offensive because it was made on the first day of Pride Month.

“I am so f***ing done. Have fun honoring the AIDS denier with the man who f***ed up the post office so badly to help Trump win the election that my dad still can’t get a birthday card sent to his grandchildren out of his local post office in purple PA,” tweeted feminist activist Elizabeth McLaughlin.

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“Oh look! The White House is honoring Nancy Regan! For a stamp! Announced on this, the first day of Pride!” replied another critic. “Remember: Pride did not start in celebration. It started in defiance against people just like the Reagans. They had the blood of thousands of queer people on their hands.”

“Beginning pride month by honor the most homophobic (and violently so!) administration the country has ever seen,” read another popular tweet.

“Jill Biden is celebrating pride month by honoring a monstrous and unrepentant homophobe who went out of her way to make a bunch of gay people suffer and die,” said another critic.

“To announce this on the first day of Pride is a slap in the face to everyone we lost, and to everyone who still mourns them, while that vile garbage woman was in the White House. Forever f*** Nancy Reagan. And forever f*** this announcement,” read another popular tweet.

Also on Wednesday, the Biden administration issued a statement of support for Pride Month and said it would vigorously oppose legislation that asserted traditional values.

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  1. Shane Starrett says

    Im sorry, but the blood of all those “queers” is on their own hands for being so sexually deviant and opposing Gods laws set down from the beginning. To blame someone else for a disease that they caught for their own actions is typical of any leftist nutjob. Just like Joe and his idiot administration, nobody wants to take any responsibility for anything bad that they have done. Just deflect and blame a republican conservative.

  2. Stan Marsh says

    Get over it!!

  3. Leslie says

    What do they think the MONKEY POX is? HIV was caused by monkeys back in 70’s. They have caused their own problems, will continue to blame it on others, will never be satisfied without something to complain about! More of them need to die! Now they can blame OBiden and democrats when they die due to monkey pox!

  4. Uncle Fester says

    Typical democrats. Never happy, only angry all the time. Always blaming others for their problems.

  5. Delta George says

    A heart-warming example of the LBGTQI+XYZ community’s inclusivity, equity and compassion.

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