Liberals Scared Stiff About Second Trump Supreme Court Pick

Liberals were horrified by President Donald Trump’s first nomination to the Supreme Court, a conservative constitutional originalist named Neil Gorsuch who has quickly become the perfect successor to the intellectual giant, Antonin Scalia, he succeeded. Gorsuch has driven the conservative side of the court back to its textualist roots, churning out opinions that hew closely to the letter of the law…and not his preferred interpretation, should the two come into conflict. Gorsuch is not bringing zealous conservatism to the bench; he is simply sticking to the proper role of a judge: Impartially reading the law – as opposed to writing it.

His influence on the court has liberals scared stiff about what the UK’s Guardian newspaper calls “their worst nightmare”: A second Trump-nominated Supreme Court justice.

Already, Trump has had an enormous influence on the nation’s judiciary. Not only has he helped shape the highest court with his Gorsuch nomination, he has replaced dozens of federal judges with new appointees who are only ideological in the sense that they believe, strongly, in the genius of the U.S. Constitution. This makes them the sworn enemy of Obama’s liberal judges, who think they have been anointed by God to invent new definitions, read words that were never there, and use political trends to guide their opinion writing. After four years of Trump, our justice system will be in much better shape than it was on January 21, 2017.

But if Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires in the coming months, as he is widely expected to do, Trump’s influence over the high court will be one felt long after his term(s) in office is over.

From the Guardian:

“If President Trump fills another vacancy on the court it will have an enormous effect,” said Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of Berkeley School of Law at the University of California.

“It will create the most conservative court since the mid-1930s,” he added.

“It would mean a majority to overrule Roe v Wade and to allow states to prohibit abortions, to eliminate all forms of affirmative action, to eliminate constitutional limits on illegal police conduct.”

The president himself underscored the power of future vacancies earlier this year, when he tweeted that Republicans “must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court!”

This is an issue that has the potential to energize voters on both sides of the political spectrum, but the reality is that only conservatives are truly motivated by something as seemingly-abstract as the Supreme Court. Democrats come out for the welfare and the social justice; Republicans come out when there is a clear opportunity to put this country back on the right track. Don’t expect that any amount of hysteria about “illegal police conduct” (like, really?) is going to change that in November…or in 2020.

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