Liberals Throw Tantrum as CNN Hires Republican to Lead Politics Coverage


With none other than Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez leading the social media charge, liberals were in full-on tantrum mode on Tuesday when CNN announced they were hiring Republican political strategist and spokeswoman Sarah Isgur to head up their 2020 election coverage. Apparently fearful that CNN might lose 10% of its liberal bias under the leadership of a woman who has worked with Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, and Jeff Sessions, journalists and pundits from across the media expressed their outrage over the new hire.

“Sorry, didn’t get the latest memo after 1,000 experienced + qualified journalists of all stripes were let go w/o warning a few weeks ago and still looking for work,” Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. “Are we still pretending that hires like these are evidence of a meritocracy?”

“You just gave every Democrat in the country a reason to doubt your objectivity,” wrote former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor, apparently without any sense of irony whatsoever.

“I cannot understand why CNN would undermine itself this way,” shrieked ThinkProgress writer Ian Millhiser.

While we can somewhat understand the concern here, it’s less because of Isgur’s political leanings than the fact that she was, until recently, a spokesperson for the Department of Justice. One could imagine a potential conflict of interest when you have a former Trump administration employee calling the shots for an election that will involve Trump, but then again, Trump supporters could be equally as concerned. Isgur (sometimes known as Sarah Isgur Flores) was one of many conservatives hoping that the Republican Party would choose ANYONE but Trump as the nominee in 2016. And while she has attacked the media for their one-sided coverage of the Trump presidency, you don’t exactly need to be a dyed-in-the-wool MAGA supporter to criticize that. You just need half an eye open to what’s going on.

All in all, we have to imagine this is much ado about nothing, much like your typical liberal outrage scandal. Isgur will be one of many CNN executives guiding the network’s coverage of the 2020 election. When you look at it that way, this hire is exceptionally wise, especially for a network not exactly known for its wise decisions. Yes, it will obviously spark anger among the lefties right now – just look how they reacted when The Atlantic tried to hire Kevin Williamson – but that is a small price to pay for bringing some semblance of objective political coverage back to the airwaves.

Despite enjoying a “Trump boom” of interest in political news, CNN has struggled to match the ratings over at Fox News and MSNBC. Having suffered fake news embarrassment after fake news embarrassment, the network has become a political no man’s land, pretending to be objective while spending 90% of its television time bashing the president. At least MSNBC has the decency to admit what they are. CNN is still trying to get people to believe that it has no agenda. If Isgur has any meaningful impact on the network’s election coverage at all, it can only be a positive one. Once you’re at rock bottom, the only place to go is up.

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