Liberals Waste No Time Making Northam Controversy About Trump


Desperate to escape the towering inferno of racial controversy swirling around Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam, liberals are already trying to turn the conversation back to their favorite subject: President Donald Trump. In a predictable, if no less distasteful, column for the Washington Post on Sunday, Harvard Professor Tom Nichols opined that any Republican standing behind the president did not possess the moral authority to call on the Virginia Democrat to resign. After all, Trump, merely be BEING Trump, is far more racist than anyone who posed for a picture in blackface/wearing a KKK hood, whichever the case may be.

“The conduct that these Republicans denounced clearly deserves condemnation, no matter how or when it occurred,” Nichols wrote. “Unfortunately, they’ve reserved their scorn for one chief executive, Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, and held back when it comes to criticizing a chief executive from their own party, President Trump, for his racially divisive statements and public positions. That is naked hypocrisy.”

Oh? Where are the pictures of Trump painted in blackface? (By the way, the left likes to use that word – blackface – to describe anything from dressing up like a black movie star to wearing just a little too much self-tanner, so we should congratulate them for actually using it correctly for once. The Northam picture is a certified example of true blackface, and it is unacceptable by any metric).

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“Republicans, sensing a relatively rare moment when, for once, the other party had to own a race-relations debacle, joined Democrats in calling for Northam’s ouster,” he wrote.

Ha! As far as we can tell, it’s almost always the Democrats when it comes to legit race-relations debacles. The only thing Nichols is correct about is that, yes, the media usually gives them a pass. Can you imagine what the left would have done to Trump had he engaged in the vocal equivalent of blackface, as Hillary Clinton did when talking to black voters in 2016?

Here is how Nichols makes his case that Trump is a racist:

Trump’s record on race issues is abysmal. For years, he fueled birtherism to attack President Barack Obama. He once argued that a federal judge, Gonzalo Curiel, couldn’t be impartial in a case involving Trump because, as Trump said, “He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.” Early in his presidential candidacy, Trump called for a “total and complete ban on Muslims entering the country.” In office, he ruminated on America needing more immigrants from places such as Norway and fewer immigrants from “shithole” countries, referencing Haiti, El Salvador and African countries.

It’s the usual leftist litany, but sorry, there’s not a single racist remark or policy to be found. Mexican is not a race. Muslim is not a race. Haitian is not a race. Obaman is not a race.

Black is a race, though, and there is a long, shameful history of blackface entertainment in this country – a history Northam gleefully celebrated when he painted himself up for that yearbook photo. Dude’s gotta go, and if the Democrats don’t force him out, THEY will be the ones guilty of naked hypocrisy. Republicans should not feel the slightest hesitation in calling for his resignation over and over (and over) again.

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