Libs Go Insane After Trump Awards Rush Limbaugh Highest Civilian Honor

A day after announcing to his massive radio audience that he is suffering from “advanced lung cancer,” conservative icon Rush Limbaugh was President Donald Trump’s special guest at Tuesday night’s State of the Union address. And in addition to singling Limbaugh out for accolades in the middle of his speech, Trump triggered every liberal from coast to coast by awarding the radio legend the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

“Rush Limbaugh: Thank you for your decades of tireless devotion to our country. Rush, in recognition of all that you have done for our nation, the millions of people a day that you speak to and inspire, and all of the incredible work that you have done for charity, I am proud to announce tonight that you will be receiving our country’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom,” the president said.

Standing next to Limbaugh, First Lady Melania Trump hung the medal around his neck to immense applause from the Republican side of Congress. The Democrats, as they did for most of Trump’s speech, sat glumly on their hands.

But if the Democrats in the chamber reacted badly (but predictably) to this well-deserved honor, the liberals who populate social media – including quite a few out in Hollyweird – were beside themselves with rage.

Washed-up actor/director Rob Reiner opined: “Only one thing to say about Rush Limbaugh getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom at The State of the Union: I loathe this fu**ing man.”

Aw, you have yourself a nice day, too, Rob.

Patton Oswalt, one of the few Americans in history to make a great living doing comedy despite never having said anything funny, wrote, “I’m a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, man. Front me 50 pills?”– Rush to his Oxy dealership tomorrow.”

So relevant. So topical.

CNN’s Chief White House Clown – er, Correspondent – Jim Acosta said of Trump’s State of the Union speech: “He was trying to make appeals to the African American community. It can’t be forgotten that he was awarding the Medal of Freedom to Rush Limbaugh, who has a history of making derogatory comments about African Americans. So I think, you know, overall, it’s a wash.”

First of all, citation needed. Second, let’s put Rush’s supposed comments about African Americans on one side of the scale and historic unemployment lows and criminal justice reform on the other and see how it balances out. A wash? Only if you’re a cretinous SJW dunderhead.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who boycotted the SOTU, expressed her disgust on Instagram Live after the speech. “To do that and to give it to Rush Limbaugh when there were plenty of people in that audience that have contributed positively to the fabric of American society, much more frankly, than he has,” she said. “But it’s red meat to his base — Trump knows what he is doing and he wants to assert that Rush Limbaugh is somehow on the same level as Rosa Parks. It’s truly nauseating, and this is one of the many reasons why I did not go.”

We can argue whether or not there were others in the audience who were more deserving of the award than Limbaugh, but we are confident in saying that none of the nominees AOC might propose would fit the bill.

But in taking these vicious shots at Limbaugh, the left is showing who they really are. There is no true humanity on that side of the political spectrum – at least not among the ideology’s chief spokespeople. There is only Marxism. There is only winning. What’s another conservative white guy with cancer when you’re trying to turn America into a communist hellhole?

They really are something else.

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