Literally No One Can Corroborate Anything About Christine Ford’s Story

How about this for a thought experiment. The Democrats have one of their own in the White House and a properly liberal nominee up for a Supreme Court seat. Suddenly, a card-carrying Republican from California shows up to accuse the nominee of sexual assault – an attack they said nothing about for thirty years and nothing about specifically until the nominee was up for the job. This accuser had donated to the GOP on numerous occasions, attended pro-Trump rallies, and had helpfully named several people who could corroborate – if not the attack itself, the date and time of the party at which the attack happened. Every named individual comes forward to say that none of this ever happened.

You think they would be calling on their nominee to step aside? Or do you think, just maybe, they would accuse the Republican Party of inventing this smear attack to keep a liberal off the highest court in the land?

You don’t have to answer out loud.

This is the situation, of course, of Christine Blasey Ford, the college professor who has accused Brett Kavanaugh of attempting (to one degree or another) to rape her when they were both in high school. Ford has named four people who could provide witness to her claims: Mark Judge, Patrick Smyth, Kavanaugh himself, and Leland Keyser. All of them have now said they have no idea what she’s talking about. Not that they just know nothing about the sexual assault, mind you: That they know nothing about the party that she says this happened at.

Then again, Ford herself doesn’t really remember whose house the party was held at or even, for certain, what year all of this happened.

Are you kidding?

Look, the fact that these people don’t remember a random party from 36 years ago doesn’t automatically make Dr. Ford a liar; it doesn’t even necessarily mean she’s got her facts mixed up. But it certainly does not add any credibility to her claims, and that’s something she badly needs right now. If we’re going to drag this man’s name through the mud and potentially keep him off the Supreme Court, we’re gonna need something a little more substantial than this woman’s word. Sorry, but that’s just the way accusations and justice work in the United States.

At least, that’s the way it used to work.


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