Maine’s Governor Threatens to End Food Stamps Entirely


Maine Governor Paul LePage (R) has made a reputation for himself in recent years as one of the country’s leading advocates for welfare reform. Last year, LePage made headlines when he cleared the state’s food stamp rolls of thousands of recipients when they failed to meet reinstituted work requirements. That move proved to be such a boost for Maine’s treasury that LePage decided to move forward with another initiative: Stop food stamp recipients from blowing taxpayer dollars on empty calories.

“It’s time for the federal government to wake up and smell the energy drinks,” LePage wrote in a letter to the Department of Agriculture last week. “I will be pursuing options to implement reform unilaterally or cease Maine’s administration of the food stamp program altogether. You maintain such a broken program that I do not want my name attached to it.”

LePage said that public benefits were being squandered on “a steady diet of Mars bars and Mountain Dew.”

Obama administration officials have already denied LePage the authority to implement any rules against buying unhealthy food with SNAP benefits, and now they are claiming there is nothing they can do in the face of the governor’s ultimatum.

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“If the state chooses not to administer SNAP, then its citizens will not receive nutrition assistance benefits through the program,” said Agriculture Dept. spokesman Matt Herrick. “We do not have the authority or funding to administer SNAP at the state level. In real world terms, what that means is people lose benefits. People suffer.”

Well, not if you compromise and agree to let LePage make the adjustments. How is it that only state officials can administer SNAP benefits but at the same time, have little control over how those benefits are paid out? Furthermore, why are federal officials willing to let “people suffer” for the sake of maintaining the status quo on sugary snacks and beverages? Democrats are constantly pushing for taxes and bans on sugar! Wouldn’t this be right up their alley?

No, no. Hard-working, independent Americans should have their freedoms limited while the leeches of society should be able to use other people’s paychecks however they want.

Herrick went on to say that Maine would have to provide the federal government with proof that these proposed rules would have a positive impact on public health before they would consider acceding to LePage’s demands.

Well, how about the positive impact on the taxpayer’s wallet? These liberals have it completely backwards. The onus should be on welfare champions to prove that allowing SNAP recipients to buy soda and candy is a good thing for public health. Good luck with that.

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