Majority Leader Thinks America is at War


While discussing American energy production on Friday, Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) blasted Republican criticism of President Joe Biden’s handling of the gasoline crisis during what he said was a “time of war.” Hoyer claimed that Americans needed to focus on the “enemy” — Russia.

As pointed out by many pundits and Republicans, those were peculiar comments to make considering that the U.S. is not officially at war with Russia. Even if we were, disagreeing with the president would still be allowed.

“The Biden administration approved more drilling permits in 2021 than the Trump administration approved in the first three years they were in office,” Hoyer said on Friday from the House floor in response to Republican statements about Biden’s energy policies. He later added, “I don’t know how the [Republican leader] rationalizes his comments about Biden constricting petroleum production…”

“It is unfortunate that in a time of war, that we spend all the time blaming our own president,” he continued. “It is unfortunate that when the Europeans put themselves — over the objections of numerous administrations — in a place where they had a dependence on Russia, Russia has no leverage over us.”

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“I wish we’d get off this and really focus on the enemy,” Hoyer remarked.

“I know there’s a lot of politics here, but we’re at war,” he remarked again. “We need to produce energy.” 

In response, Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted ponderingly, “‘In a time of war’ – did we vote on a declaration of war? Asking for a friend.” 

The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles also quipped, “In case you missed it, an old coot congressman decided unilaterally to declare war on a nuclear former superpower.”

Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald added, “Apparently — according to Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer — we are ‘in a time of war,’ which makes criticism of our President ‘unfortunate.’ I didn’t realize the US was at war (OK, I did), but even so, that’s not actually a reason to refrain from criticizing Joe Biden.”

While the U.S. has not technically entered the war on Ukraine’s behalf, the federal government has supplied billions of dollars to Ukraine in the form of aid since Russia invaded in February.

Currently, the Senate is negotiating a $40 billion aid package that will be officially voted upon next week. As The Daily Wire reported, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) temporarily blocked that bill Thursday while requesting that an amendment be added to it that would allow an Inspector General to oversee how that money would be spent.

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  1. JC says

    Really shows how deep the “left” has their collective heads buried in the sand!

  2. Mike says

    Biden claims conservatives are the enemy! More dangerous than ISIS he says. The democrats are at war with everyone who disagrees with them. Even willing to murder those who oppose their way of thinking.

    1. Anonymous says


  3. Human says

    The will of the people has been entirely dismissed. The leftist government has ignored the American people and their needs. Corruption and malfeasance are the rules of the day. Completely ignoring the constitution and the rule of law. Seeking only to secure their own power and financial interests we have been tossed aside. Biden desired the mantle of power and has done everything to abuse his office while taking absolutely no responsibility for his failures which have been many. The American people have had enough. We don’t like being lied to over and over again. We don’t like being told that the leadership isn’t at fault while blaming the people government should represent is being held responsible. The job of the president is to take responsibility and be proactive in order to avoid massive failures we’re seeing daily. Biden has spent his entire administration playing catch up. Reactionary governance is not good government. It’s more than apparent the entire federal government is inept as well as corrupt. The American taxpayers do not want war inflation recession and indoctrination of our children yet the government persists on pushing these agendas. Feckless is not nearly enough to describe what we are witnessing and the time has come for real and effective leadership. I never liked Trump but he was a leader who actually cared about his constituents. If it’s not Trump for president then it should be DeSantis. Someone who understands the will of the people and the ability to make it happen. I sincerely hope the folks who voted for the current failed administration have seen enough and understands exactly what is happening. We can’t expect much from the radical leftist loons to accept reality but I sincerely hope the reasonable faction of the left does. We simply can not continue down this path of wokeness and destruction of our economy through ridiculous policies that destroy our energy independence. The entire world relies on the stren of our economy. Now because of our failures much of the planet is suffering and this will only get worse od we don’t reverse course immediately. America’s greatness is more than just taking care of the American people it’s about strength which stabilizes the entire world. Otherwise we’ll see more death and more destruction because our enemies feel empowered with no one to stand against them. Economic security is freedom at every level. Anything less is reliant on others that simply cannot be trusted.
    God Bless America

  4. if you supply one side and NOT the other side
    you are taking sides and you
    ARE AT WAR simple
    but we never should of got involved
    NATO was back WWII to protect the european countries from germany
    fifty plus years later you want ukraine for lithium and labs and/so get NATO involved
    Russia and ukraine did their spats back and forth prior and would of worked it out without
    BIDEN sending billions and billions and billions and billions to them
    that should of gone to us here at home land worry about home first stop helping others while
    we are in such a mess border gas food you created this biden/obomba/nancy/etc with your GREED
    when you die your not taking it with you- you leave the same way you came in bare ass

  5. Ghost says

    WE the People are at WAR. A War against traitorous Rino’s and criminal DemonRats

  6. Leslie says

    WOW, paragraph #3 at top of article: “Biden administration approved more drilling permits in 2021- – than Trump administration approved in 1st 3 yrs in office””
    So tired of all the lies and underhanded deals this Corrupt O’Biden administration deal to the American people. WH press secretary Jen was bad enough, now new press secretary with her Racist and Hate driven speech of lies is only going to cause more problems.
    The voice of the people just keeps getting stepped on, even voting is corrupt and results ignored for their own addenda. O’Biden wasn’t voted in, he was appointed by the corrupt party to be their puppet! Look how well that’s doing, he can’t even get their lies out without a bunch of screw up’s!
    The “WOKE” need to wake up, there are enough places to fact check these lies but they’ll just keep swallowing what ever gets put in their mouth, no questions asked, just keep the handouts coming!!

    Keep ‘‘em loaded folks, worse times are coming, we need to be able and ready to defend our Republic and We The People from this corrupt government that keeps trying to step on us…..

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