Make No Mistake: Democrats Want to Stop Enforcing Our Immigration Laws

In an interview with Politico this week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said that if her party were to take back the House in the midterms, there was little chance that President Trump’s signature promise would ever come to fruition.

“I don’t see any of us voting for wall funding,” the would-be House Speaker said. “We have a responsibility to secure our borders. There are ways to do that that are consistent with civilization, humanitarianism, and who we are as a nation. We have to remove all doubt about that.”

Is that so. Well, we can hardly think of anything more humanitarian than to simply put up a nearly-impenetrable wall as a clear signal to every country south of here that you can make the trek here if you like…but you’re simply not getting through. That eliminates the detention camps. It eliminates family separations. It will go a long way towards eliminating the human trafficking ordeal that has damaged and taken so many lives. It will do much to eliminate the arduous journeys that many migrants take, only to succumb to death along the way. It is THE solution, and there’s nothing un-civilized about it. It’s just common sense. That’s why when Trump suggested it, he immediately shot to the top of the Republican field of candidates.

Unfortunately, Pelosi doesn’t mean it when she says we “have a responsibility to secure our borders.” She is much more interested in that part where we have to “remove all doubt” as to our humanitarianism, as if the exorbitant amounts that we spend on foreign aid do not already accomplish that.

What she wants to do is essentially end immigration enforcement altogether, turn illegal immigration into a crime akin to a traffic ticket, and hand some form of amnesty/citizenship to the 20+ million illegals who are already here. Oh, and plump up programs like chain migration and the diversity lottery so that millions upon millions more can come here and eventually vote for the Democratic Party.

Democrats spent Trump’s first year crying about ICE deportations and the second year crying about the zero-tolerance policy at the border. They don’t want to send back illegals who have already made it into the country; they don’t want to do anything to prevent them from getting in and sliding into the shadows. They want to “secure the border” by voting for meaningless, do-nothing fixes like more drone surveillance and better lighting and, as Pelosi has actually said before, mowing the lawn around the border.

With a caravan that could include as many as 10,000 illegal migrants arriving at our doorstep any day now, the time is ripe for voters to decide what the future of this country will look like. And if we don’t want the United States to become just another Western nation overrun by people who do not buy into our customs, our ideals, or our way of life, then it is imperative that we keep Pelosi and the Democrats far, far away from the levers of power.

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