Mark Ruffalo, DiCaprio Protest Against Canadian Pipeline


As we “average joes” continue to face major pain at the pump, “woke” celebrities Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, and others have signed off on a letter protesting the funding of a Canadian gas pipeline!

These left-leaning Hollywood stars have joined together to write a letter to City National’s parent company, the Royal Bank of Canada, to defund the Canada Gas pipeline.

The letter, signed in solidarity, urges the Royal Bank of Canada to “withdraw support from the Coastal GasLink pipeline, effective immediately.” 

The letter goes on to say, “City National Bank’s parent company Royal Bank of Canada is bankrolling the climate crisis and violating the rights of Indigenous Peoples.”

More than 65 of the left’s “West Coast” elite celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johansson, Taika Waititi, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, and Robert Downey Jr., banded together to send the letter to City National Bank’s parent company.

City National Bank has been dubbed as the “Bank of the Stars” and acquired the Royal Bank of Canada in 2015. Some of the celebrities mentioned filmed a video together to raise awareness, using the hashtag #NoMoreDirtyBanks.

Incredible Hulk star Mark Ruffalo kicked off the video explaining the bank’s involvement with the Coastal GasLink pipeline. 

“Right now, major banks like the Royal Bank of Canada are financing a fracked gas pipeline bulldozing through the land of the Wet’suwet’en nation in Northern British Columbia, Canada.” He went on to say, “The Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs never consented to this pipeline construction through their territories, which would risk the sacred headwaters of the Wedzin Kwa River, but here’s where it gets complicated.”

“The Supreme Court of Canada recognized Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs as rightful titleholders of the land, but corporations still get away with consulting only ‘elected leadership’ put in place by the colonial government.” 

In a statement to Variety, which published the letter as an ad, Coastal GasLink stated, “Since the beginning of the Project, Coastal GasLink has sought to engage and consult with the Wet’suwet’en Houses through the Office of the Wet’suwet’en and the elected leadership. We want to listen and seek meaningful ways to address interests and concerns, including ensuring the pipeline is built under the Morice River using the safest technology available.”

“Coastal GasLink recognizes that Indigenous reconciliation and addressing climate change are essential to creating a better, more sustainable world,” the statement added. We would encourage everyone interested to take the time to understand all the facts and the important role Indigenous communities have in developing and building the Project.”

As of publication, The Royal Bank of Canada hasn’t responded to the video or the letter. 

  1. john a Smith says

    Hop in the private Jet and get up there and straighten this UP. I am sure Trudeau will welcome your informed opinions. Total joke(s)

  2. Dee says

    I don’t know about Ruffalo but DiCaprio is a member of the New World Order. He wants to tell everyone what to do with their lives because he “knows better”. He is part of that huge, elite group that is planning on governing the world because of their “genius abilities”, as he himself, assumes a position of leadership and tyranny. Shame, shame, shame!! I’m sure he is great friends with Trudeau and anyone who is friends with that monster, speaks volumes!

  3. Gerry says

    Not one of those dirtbags named is worth a pile of donkey excriment. I see 1 name who should have been executed back in the early 70s for treason– guess she is still scum. They all live in this fantasy world because they are on tv or make movies they are under the false state of mind that they are important and their opinions mean something to other than themselves. Like I said all 8 named combined are NOT worth 1 donkey turd !!!!!!

  4. Arnold Ziffell says

    These morons haven’t figured out that their City Bank is not in the drivers seat as it was the Royal Bank that took over City Bank and not the other way round as stated in their letter. Do your research before shooting off your mouth .

    1. Leo says

      Correct. Not only that but the turd balls fail to realize banks are in business to make money. They make money by loaning it to businesses who use the capital to turn a profit to enable them to pay the loans and interest. Therefore from the top banks because they can’t say it directly FU turd balls.

  5. Joe Banadinovic says

    Don’t forget these people make their living off of lying and trying to be someone they’re not. Let’s stop paying
    them to lie to us about being someone else. Oh sorry I can’t pay to go see your movie because I have to use the money to put gas in my car to go to work so I can feed my family. I’ll never go to see any of there movies again.

  6. Brad Miller says

    As long as the John Q Public is so stupid to believe that these pretenders actually know something and to continue to fund them by watching their little plays we are stuck .quit supporting these losers don’t watch them.America is turning into a bunch of losers quit being entertained entertain yourself and your children.

    1. Leo says

      Entertaining yourself also keeps your brain more active than watching the drivel “entertainment” out of Hollywood.

  7. m says

    Millionaires/billionaires always ready to step on the throats of the masses. There is no climate change, man-made that is, but don’t let that bit of fact ruffalo your feathers. You people always ready to tell others how to live. You over paid b listers feel free to lead by example, but you won’t.

  8. Eltee says

    Who cares what these gas junkies want. They use more gas for their yachts, private planes, and mansions than 100 real ppl monthly. They don’t care about ppl or their country as long as they get what they want. They are both left wing WOKE idiots that are dumb as boxes of rocks. They need to keep the empty brains out of things they know zero about.

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