Martha’s Vineyard has an immigration crisis … boo hoo

Martha’s Vineyard is a playground for the rich and famous.  That is especially true for Democrats for some reason.

It was made nationally famous by the presence of the Kennedy political dynasty.  It was where they socialized and scandalized.  It was on Martha’s Vineyard that Senator Ted Kennedy drove a young political intern, Mary Jo Kopechne, off a bridge and into a small pond where she drowned.

Among the regular guests on the island were the Obamas, the Clintons, the Kerrys, the Gores and a long list of lesser Democrat celebrities.  It has been the vacation spot of choice for the limousine liberal class.

The Island is 96 square miles with a population of 20,000 — not including all the summer vacationers.  The population arguably has among the highest net worth per capita of any island in the country – with the possible exception of Manhattan Island.  

So, how bad would be the impact of a few dozen itinerant migrants from Venezuela?  Weeell … that sound you hear is the gnashing of pearly-white dental implants.  The Village elders reacted with a swift condemnation of Governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Ron DeSantis of Florida, who sent the border crossers to their exclusive paradise.

Despite the indigenous wealth, some complained that the influx of 50 people was a burden on the local taxpayers – the human resources and law enforcement.  They and their media cronies accused the two governors of human trafficking and kidnapping.  California Governor Gavin Newsom even called for DeSantis to be charged with kidnaping.

This was the same lament when Abbott sent a small number of migrants to Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.  But somehow, the group in Martha’s Vineyard got the lion’s share of the publicity and media outrage.  Why was that?  Maybe because who vacationed there?

Perhaps it was the fact that Marth’s Vineyard was not just some American city.  This is a piece of American geography that has been set aside for people – super rich people — who hold powerful positions in government, business, entertainment and … news media.  

A local state representative expressed his concern that the poor migrants would not have the financial resources to fit into local economy.  The were not the right sort of people to sit around at the Black Dog Tavern chatting about the latest Broadway play.

To their credit, however, the people and churches of Martha’s Vineyard did come to the aid of the migrants – providing food and shelter until the poor souls could be relocated to a more distant location.  And there were bussed off to some new location faster than you could say “welcome and good-by”. Perhaps if they saw the migrants as potential domestic servants and gardeners, they would have allowed them to stay.

Martha’s Vineyard immigration crisis was not long-lasting – surely nothing like the scope, duration and tragic impact as what is occurring in Texas.  When it comes to that, the people of Martha’s Vineyard are rather heartless.  How dare those southern governors impose a teeny-weeny portion of the unprecedented crisis impacting on a lot of small working-class communities on the super-rich political Brahmans of Martha’s Vineyard.  

It is particularly ironic when you consider that some of the most powerful denizens and visitors to Martha’s Vineyard bear responsibility for the real crisis at the southern border – for the policies that maintain the open southern border.  For all the deaths, rapes, child abuse, real human trafficking, the flow of deadly drugs and innumerable other crimes and tragedies besetting millions of Americans who are also  unwelcomed on Martha’s Vineyard.  

So, there ‘tis.

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