Marvel Exec Called Bigot for Donating to Vets

According to the liberals over at, anyone who gives money to a charity that Donald Trump supports is a racist. Well, that’s all you can conclude from the way the site savaged Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter after the executive gave $1 million to Trump’s fundraiser on Thursday night:

Beyond simply endorsing Trump’s campaign, he is actively backing his efforts to punish Fox News for not capitulating to Trump’s misogynistic demand that Kelly either kowtow to his ego or not be included among the panel’s moderators. Between that and his willingness to help elect a presidential candidate whose campaign has been fueled by bigotry against Mexicans and Muslims, it’s impossible to believe that Perlmutter’s reactionary beliefs aren’t shaping the properties he plays such a major role in helping to craft.

Let’s unpack this, to use a term liberals are fond of. Let’s see how many sins Perlmutter committed by helping wounded veterans:

1. Supported bigotry against Muslims.
2. Supported bigotry against Mexicans.
3. Supported misogyny against Megyn Kelly.
4. Punished Fox News (!?)
5. Tainted the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with reactionary beliefs.

Wow, that’s a lot of sinning for one donation to a worthy cause. It seems you can’t even get within conversational distance of The Donald without being lambasted by the liberal media. And as strange as it is to see Salon get upset with someone “punishing” Fox News – a channel Salon and their ilk have built careers off despising – it’s even stranger to make the claim that Marvel movies are somehow infected with Trump-esque philosophy.

“The reactionary ideals embedded in Trumpism are also promoted in our entertainment products,” says Salon. “And that if we are going to oppose the former, we must also recognize and take a stand against the latter.”

What is Marvel doing that’s so abhorrent to the liberal view of the world? Is it suddenly “Trump-esque” to turn green and smash things when you get angry? Is it the height of bigotry to fight aliens from other planets?

Oh, no. It’s just the usual crap.

“Marvel continues to churn out movies that disproportionately star white, male, and heterosexual characters, with no end to that trend in sight,” writes the online rag.

Yeah, the world is chomping at the bit for more gay superheroes, no doubt about that.

See, this isn’t about any kind of progressive ideology. This is about a world that doesn’t match up to the way these liberals think it should be. And when it doesn’t, they feel justified in smearing others as racists and bigots. Considering how seldom the real world works like the weird utopia of their dreams, they end up sharing kinship with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner: they’re always angry.

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