Maxine Waters Supporters Burn Flag, Denounce America

On Thursday, we got a special look at the kind of people who support Rep. Maxine Waters, and it wasn’t a pretty picture. Outside the congresswoman’s office, a group of her supporters gathered with a stolen American flag which they proceeded to stomp on and light aflame, telling reporters that it didn’t represent them and, frankly, neither did any other symbol of the United States. It was a shocking, disgusting display of left-wing, racial grievance anarchy. In other words, just the kind of thing you would expect right outside the office of America’s dumbest, most anti-Trump Democrat.

Now, the flag-burners were apparently on hand to counter-protest a planned demonstration from the right-wing Oath Keepers organization. The Oath Keepers has been outspoken about Waters and her call to “push back” against Trump supporters and officials whenever they see them in public. In tweets publicizing the protest, they said they would demonstrate in order to “stand against terrorism, stand for freedom of speech and association, in support of ICE/Border Patrol as they enforce constitutional immigration laws.” Once the Oath Keepers learned that Waters’ lunatic supporters were planning to come out and confront them, however, they decided to take a pass for the sake of peace.

50 of Waters’ socialist supporters still showed up, however, and proceeded to burn the flag and show the world what they and their ideological brethren really stand for.

Given these facts, how do you think the L.A. Times covered the story?

Dangerous Socialists Burn American Flag?

Waters’ Supporters as Unhinged as the Congresswoman?

Or how about: Oath Keepers Break Their Promise.

Yeah, that’s the one they ran with, which tells you something you probably didn’t need to be taught about liberal media bias.

“The Oath Keepers would like nothing more than to inflame racial tensions and create an explosive conflict in our community,” Waters said in a statement before the protest.

Notably, she issued no statement that we’re aware of after her supporters made a spectacle of themselves outside her offices. Never weighed in on what her supporters were chanting – including “America was never great.” We wouldn’t automatically take her silence as consent, but it dovetails so neatly with her whole political persona that we have no choice. We readily assume she believes the same.

No, we’re not saying protesters shouldn’t have the right to burn the flag (though they certainly don’t have the right to steal one). We’re not even saying that Black America doesn’t have a legitimate grievance when it comes to this nation’s history. But if it isn’t time to move on now, when is it time? If it isn’t time for blacks to turn their backs against divisive Democrats like Maxine Waters, then when? Does anyone actually believe that this low-IQ idiot is going to do anything for them? Does anyone believe she’s out for anyone other than herself? The notion itself is preposterous on its face.

The left is edging ever closer to violent confrontation, and they are being cheered on by clowns like Waters. Any Democrats who still possess a modicum of patriotic spirit need to speak out against Waters and her ilk with JUST as much vigor as they speak out against Republicans.

Not that we’re holding our breath.

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