Mayor: I’ll Go To Jail to Make Sure We Can Keep Harboring Illegal Aliens

Activists for amnesty held an emergency rally in front of San Francisco’s ICE building last week to protest a recent raid that resulted in the arrest and (eventual) deportation of more than 200 illegal immigrants in the Bay Area. In attendance was interim Mayor Mark Farrell, who told the activists that he was ready to go to jail if that’s what it took to shield San Francisco’s illegal immigrants from the law.

According to ABC7, the mayor “said he is willing to get arrested if that’s what it takes to defend sanctuary city policies.” In drawing that line in the sand, he is spiritually aligning himself with Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who drew controversy last week when she forewarned area illegals that ICE was planning the raid. Some have proposed that the Justice Department should file obstruction of justice charges against the Democrat.

Farrell is a Democrat as well, but he was well established as one of the most fiscally-conservative members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors. That’s why it came as a surprise to many when the progressives on the Board installed him as interim mayor last month. If they were expecting Farrell to push back on the extremist pro-illegal immigration agenda, however, they needn’t have worried. In a clear display of either spinelessness or quid-pro-quo politics, Farrell abandoned his previous stance against pouring millions into the public defender’s office so the city could fight for illegal immigrants on the verge of deportation.

“This week Farrell teamed up with Assemblyman Phil Ting, D-San Francisco, who will introduce a budget item asking for $7 million annually to pay for universal counsel in Northern California’s immigration court, which is based in San Francisco,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

“The rhetoric out of Trump has intensified to a degree we’ve never seen before,” Farrell said, explaining the legislative proposal. “California became a sanctuary state in 2017, and our leaders in Sacramento — in particular our San Francisco delegation of Ting, Assemblyman David Chiu and Sen. Scott Wiener — are strong advocates of that policy.”

It is hard to imagine that Sacramento will turn down Farrell’s request, since the state appears to have placed the fate of illegal immigrants at the very top of their priorities list. Whether that’s due to true concern over deportations or political opportunism on the part of liberals who want to make a play against the president, who can say? No matter the cause, the effect will be the same: California will slowly but surely devolve into lawlessness and public dependency.

As goes California, so goes the country?

Let’s hope not.

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