McCarthy: Dems Trying to “Control What You Watch and Read”

In a House floor speech on Wednesday, Republican leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) warned that Democrats like Reps. Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerny are doing everything they can to shape what kind of information Americans are allowed to consume in the privacy of their own lives.

Responding to the Democrats’ letter to major content platforms like Spectrum and Amazon, in which they demanded to know why these companies were continuing to allow Fox News, Newsmax, and OANN to air, McCarthy said that we’re entering a dangerous new era of censorship.

“Democrats are trying to give themselves the power to dictate what you can read, and watch in your own home,” he said. “These are members of Congress using their official position to coerce and control the information Americans can watch and access in their own homes.

“They are demanding for censorship, more de-platforming, and more control of what Americans can watch,” he continued. “In their letter, Congresswoman Eshoo and McNerney suggest that censorship is necessary because conservative views are not only different, but they are dangerous. It is the same script used in countries like China to cleanse speech they disagree with. Democrats would bring those same socialist standards to America.”

He continued: “This is a body that is using its power to try to determine what books can be printed, which shows can be seen, and what can be said. I never thought I would see Members of Congress to use their power to threaten others to go against the First Amendment. Mr. Speaker, we will not stand for it. Nor will the American public. This is not a partisan issue. This is a constitutional issue.”

McCarthy’s speech came prior to a hearing in which the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology heard from witnesses who spoke from various sides of the censorship spectrum. Setting aside the disturbing fact that there IS more than one side to this debate, we’ll share with you some testimony from George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, who told lawmakers that “we are living through a period reminiscent of the Red Scare.”

“From the perspectives of free speech and the free press, the letter is not just chilling; it is positively glacial. The letter does not address the long-standing objections to networks like CNN, MSNBC, and others for pronounced bias and refuted stories,” Turley said. “The letter solely seeks to bar those networks that the members and their constituents do not like or likely watch.”

It’s difficult to remember the last time the First Amendment was so vulnerable to attack by the U.S. government, corporate America, Big Tech, and the partisan fiends in power currently. We’d like to say we’re optimistic about how all of this will wash out, but that would be a lie. This is bad.

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