McCarthy: If GOP Doesn’t Win This Year, We May Never Win Again

In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Thursday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said the stakes for the November election could not possibly be higher. The GOP leader said that Democrats are licking their chops over the prospect of winning the White House and gaining a majority in the Senate. This victory, he said, would give them the chance they’ve been looking for to make drastic, sweeping changes throughout the country – and specifically, the way Americans go to the polls. If they are allowed to make those changes, McCarthy explained, it could make it impossible for Republicans to ever win another national election.

“I don’t know if we’ll ever have an opportunity to win it again,” McCarthy warned. “They will change the rules of the game. How we vote, they will change…you know, in California, they allow people who are not even citizens to vote in school board races. You know, in California, they lowered the voting age to 17. Do you know, in California, that you could turn your ballot in 17 days after the election?

“Those are things they’re doing right now,” he continued. “That’s what they’ll do across the country … they’ll expand the Supreme Court, there won’t be 50 states, there will be 52 states.”

McCarthy said the Republican Party is committed to moving beyond the chaos and ridiculousness that has characterized the Summer of George Floyd.

“We want to focus on bringing this country back,” he said. “Rebuilding it, restoring it, and renewing it, and that means and law and order and justice.”

To that end, McCarthy said he is working on a bill that will withhold federal funding from states and cities with Democrat leaders who won’t protect and defend public property.

“This is to protect American statues because what we want to do is tell the history,” he said. “When you watch San Francisco’s St. Junipero Serra get torn down or you watch Ulysses S. Grant’s statue vandalized, you watch Christopher Columbus, you watch Frederick Douglass, this is a real challenge because we have local officials who have a responsibility for the rule of law. Why don’t they have greater regard for the rule of law instead of encouraging the mob to tear it down? If they do that, if they allow that to happen then why should federal dollars flow to that city?”

Everything McCarthy said in this interview is absolutely dead-on, and we say that with a tendency to be cynical when politicians tell us that THIS election is the most important of all time. This time around, with the left in this country as unhinged as they have ever been, it’s absolutely true. And he’s also right about the systemic changes that Democrats want to make to our voting processes. They never want 2016 to happen again, and they are going to work tirelessly to put in structures that make sure it doesn’t.

Unless you want a country where loons like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar are calling the shots behind the scenes, it’s imperative that we give Trump another four years.

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