Media Confused as Seattle Autonomous Zone Gets its First Murder


The mainstream media, which has been breaking its back to paint the Seattle “Autonomous Zone” as a peaceful utopia filled with organic gardens, yoga, and love, struggled this weekend to explain why this blissful area devolved into violence on Friday night. The Washington Post published a particularly ridiculous article about Friday night’s murder after acknowledging that a “volatile mixture of fireworks, alcohol, and firearms triggered violence.”

“Early Saturday morning, two men suffered gunshot wounds. A 19-year-old died and the other, age unknown, is in critical condition in the intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center, hospital spokeswoman Susan Gregg confirmed to The Washington Post,” the paper reported.

If this had been some kind of weird conservative siege of downtown Seattle, this news would have led to a much different tone in the coverage. Indeed, the coverage up until now would have been much different, with lots of thinkpieces about white privilege, white supremacy, the violence of conservatives, and the responsibility of Seattle leaders to regain control of their city.

Instead, we get sentences like this: “President Trump and other conservatives, without proof, have said the zone is dangerous and lawless.”

Well. It is “lawless” by default, is it not? The protesters occupying the zone refuse to allow cops to return to the area. As for “dangerous,” we suppose that’s up to individual interpretation.

“After 2 a.m., the festivities turned violent. One eyewitness described an argument that escalated into a fight and resulted in 10 gunshots. The suspects fled the scene while volunteer medics, who were stationed on the same corner, rushed to treat the victims. Upward of 20 ‘sentinels,’ who provide volunteer security to the police-free protest zone, also responded to the scene,” reported WaPo.

Sounds kinda dangerous to us, but what do we know?

The Post spoke to a “sentinel” armed with knives who would only identify himself as Cat.

“Arguments happen in the crowd all the time, even during celebrations,” said this degenerate. “But gunshots change everything. It goes from some people are arguing and some people are celebrating to everybody is running.”

Well, we’re sure everything will stay under control since the Zone has armed Sentinels marching up and down the perimeter of the place.

Unfortunately, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan still doesn’t get it.

“Lawfully gathering and expressing First Amendment rights, demanding we do better as a society and providing true equity for communities of color is not terrorism,” she said last week. “It is patriotism.”

Oh boy. Delusion, thy name is Seattle.

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