Media: “Everyone Hates Trump.” Polls: “Not So Fast.”

A steady diet of mainstream media news, in addition to brainwashing you with the worst, fakest information our nation’s journalists have churned out since the Revolutionary War, will also cause you to believe that literally no one other than a small band of American deplorables actually likes President Donald Trump. Sure, sure, there’s a wretched hive of racist Nazi-wannabes that will never turn their backs on Trump no matter what he does to those poor immigrant children at the border, but other than that? Everyone has basically decided that the 2016 election was a mistake and we should definitely do what we have to do to get this fool out of the White House.

Except, of course, that bears no resemblance to reality.

For those who remember the 2016 election, this is nothing new. Even as you drove down the streets in your own neighborhood and saw lawn after lawn with Trump/Pence signs out front, the media was telling you that the real estate mogul had absolutely no chance of winning the election. Hillary Clinton was playing to crowds that looked like they were on their way to a small-town church bake sale while Trump was packing arenas to the rafters with a sea of MAGA-capped supporters, but we were still told that Jill Stein had about as much shot of becoming president as he did.

And then election night came and the country’s pundit class was caught with their collective pants down.

This November, we might get to enjoy that spectacle again.

The media is still telling us that Donald Trump is a historically-unpopular president, but that’s not what the polls say. In survey after survey of the American electorate, Trump’s numbers are rising. Thanks to a booming economy, looming breakthroughs on North Korea, and a tough-on-immigration stance that has secured the base, Trump is looking at the same job approval numbers enjoyed by his predecessor, Mr. Wildly Popular himself, Barack Obama. The latest Gallup poll has Trump at a record high of 45%, up eight points from January. This is a president who, despite a nearly-unanimous onslaught of negative coverage from the mainstream media, is only becoming more popular with every passing day.

And if you look at Obama’s approval rating from the exact same point in his presidency, what number do you find? Why, look at that: 45%.

Now Republicans shellacked Democrats in the 2010 midterms, but here’s the key difference: While Trump’s number has RISEN to 45%, Obama’s was sinking like a stone when he hit that number. In other words, Trump is trending in the right direction, giving Republicans an excellent chance of maintaining the House and heading into the last two years of Trump’s presidency with a still-solid majority on Capitol Hill.

When and if that happens, we’re sure millions of media-consuming liberals will be shocked once again. We can’t wait.

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