Media Frantically Criticizes Trump’s Award to Tiger Woods

The media, which could find fault in Donald Trump if he dedicated the rest of his life to helping kids with cancer, spent much of Monday criticizing the president for awarding legendary golfer Tiger Woods with the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an American civilian. With great solemnity and obvious sincerity, President Trump hung the Presidential Medal of Freedom around Woods’ neck in the Rose Garden, just as he’d promised to do after the golfer’s historic comeback win at the Masters this year. But instead of applauding this celebration of the life and career of a man who redefined the concept of a sports trailblazer, the media stood back and took potshots at Trump for “cheapening” the medal.

“They have been friends for many years,” CNN’s Jim Acosta said in his standup report. “And as a matter of fact, back in 2013, the president tweeted about how he has stood by Tiger Woods when he was going through some personal trauma in his life, and the president was taking credit in that tweet essentially for standing by Tiger Woods in all of that.

“We should also note, Wolf, that the president and Tiger Woods do have something of a business arrangement,” Acosta continued. “The president’s company, the Trump Organization, hired Tiger Woods to design a golf course at the president’s company’s golf course in Dubai. Wolf, that obviously shows that there are some business ties between these two men. And I suppose a critic could argue after watching all of this that there might be somewhat of an advertisement going on here, a TV ad going on here in handing out this Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tiger Woods. It is, in effect, publicizing one of the Trump golf courses there in Dubai that Tiger Woods had a hand in. Although we should point out that particular course has not opened yet.”

Yes, that should make for a fantastic advertisement. A golf course that we would have known nothing about unless Acosta brought it up, in a country that 99% of viewers will never visit, that hasn’t even opened its doors yet. Truly, we now see how Donald Trump made himself a billionaire.

“Now, some critics are questioning Mr. Trump’s decision to give what is considered a lifetime achievement award to someone who still has a flourishing career,” said MSNBC’s Kristin Welker. To prove that she wasn’t just making that up, she played a clip from nonstop Trump critic Eugene Robinson.

“He gives this award, which was a hallow award – maybe someday it will be once again – to people he wants to associate himself with,” Robinson opined. “And so, he likes golf.”

President Obama, on the other hand, was widely praised for giving the Presidential Medal of Freedom to honorees who disagreed with his politics and had nothing to do with him in a personal sense. People like Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, and Gloria Steinem.

Oh well, at this point we assume they just can’t help themselves. It must hurt to be this miserable all the time.

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