Media Goes Off the Deep End Covering Trump/Putin Phone Call

President Trump took to his Twitter account on Wednesday to clear up confusion about his congratulatory phone call to newly-reelected Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the tweet, he knocked the coverage of his call and noted that he was hardly the first sitting U.S. president to reach out to his Russian counterpart.

“I called President Putin of Russia to congratulate him on his election victory (in past, Obama called him also),” Trump wrote. “The Fake News Media is crazed because they wanted me to excoriate him. They are wrong! Getting along with Russia (and others) is a good thing, not a bad thing.”

The president noted that Russia could help “solve problems with North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, ISIS, Iran, and even the coming Arms Race.”

“Bush tried to get along, but didn’t have the ‘smarts,’” Trump continued. “Obama and Clinton tried, but didn’t have the energy or chemistry (remember RESET). PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH!”

There are times when we wish that Trump would exercise a little more, um, editorial control over his Twitter account, but this is a perfect example of why the platform and his use of it is such a powerful communication tool for this White House. In just a few short sentences, Trump debunked a thousand mainstream media pundits, proved that the media is (once again) hopelessly biased against anything he does, and showed exactly where to look for the hypocrisy of the left.

We don’t doubt the reports that say Trump and John Kelly are pissed off about the story saying Trump was told not to congratulate Putin by White House security advisers – this is a major breach of classified information and is, in itself, a threat to our stability and security.

But we’re scratching our heads a little about why it’s such a terrible thing that he ignored that command. Did We the People elect whoever wrote that briefing? Or did we elect Donald J. Trump to go in there and do what he thinks is best? He IS the President of the United States, is he not? Sometimes, reading through the media’s coverage, we aren’t quite sure.

No doubt, there is a line of reasoning that says the President should not be calling and congratulating Putin on winning a farce election, particularly when we’re in the middle of sanctioning them for their election interference and condemning them for their poisoning attack on British soil. We wouldn’t necessarily disagree with that logic.

On the other hand, where has an overtly hostile stance towards Russia taken us over the last six years? Right up to the precipice of fighting a proxy war with a nuclear power in the air over Syria? What’s the next step in THAT equation? Do we really want to find out?

Trump came into politics as the ultimate dealmaker, and he remains convinced that the U.S. and Russia can have a productive partnership. He may be disavowed of that theory by the end of his term, but we can’t fault him for departing from Washington’s “conventional wisdom.”

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