Media on Trump: His Voters Are Horrible People

The liberals in the media simply can’t wrap their heads around Donald Trump’s success in New Hampshire and South Carolina (and, in all likelihood, Nevada). Their reporters and “experts” have been telling Americans for months all about Trump’s racism. All about his lies. All about his sexist attitude towards women. And yet the Republican voters still came out to cast their votes for a man the New York Times compared to Hitler. How could this be?

Well, it certainly isn’t a backlash against an irresponsible media establishment. So what else could it be? Oh right, the voters themselves are comprised of people who are just as terrible as Trump. So we get headlines like “Confederacy of Dunces” from the New York Daily News, meant to cast Trump’s voters as empty-headed morons. Or we get the headline “Golden Don” from Huffington Post, meant to insinuate that Trump’s rise is akin to to the far-right, fascist political party Golden Dawn from Greece.

If the media is wondering why voters aren’t bothered by these attacks, though, they might want to examine their own recent history. For the past few years, liberals have stretched the definition of racism so far that it no longer means anything to the average American. If it’s racist to nominate white people for Oscars, racist to criticize President Obama, racist to shoot black criminals when they charge a cop, racist not to know the PC definition of white privilege, and racist to fly the Confederate Flag, then…eh? Who cares?

Since the day he entered the race, Trump has been accused of all of these terrible traits. The problem, though, is that what the man says and what the media reports are not always congruent. How is it “racist” to enforce the country’s immigration laws? How is it “racist” to demand a temporary ban on Muslims coming into America? Trump isn’t afraid to challenge the rules of political correctness, but that doesn’t make him a bigot.

If this was all happening 20 years ago, the narrative surrounding Trump would sound entirely different. The greatest portion of his controversy comes from the extraordinary leftward shift of the last two decades. Academic liberalism has gone mainstream; you don’t have to sign up for a Lesbian Culture class to learn all about white privilege and systemic racism and oppression and the patriarchy. You can just turn on the cable news channel of your choice and watch until your ears bleed. Depending on which one you pick, it should only take a few minutes.

Trump himself hit the nail on the head when he called his supporters the “silent majority.” Trump has given voice to millions of Americans who have had it up to here with the liberal bias coming out of L.A., New York, and Washington. The fact that the symbol of our frustration is a Manhattan billionaire is deliciously ironic, but perhaps apt.

Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.

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