Media Smears Trump for Visiting Troops (After Smearing Him for Not Visiting)

This week we really got the perfect encapsulation of the media’s war on Donald Trump. If this were a TV show on Netflix, fans would be howling on Twitter about how unrealistic the writing was and calling for cancellation. But in the Age of Trump, there is no “too unrealistic.” The media has turned into a parody of itself, and a bad one at that.

On Christmas day, NBC and other outlets ran a series of stories alarming the nation to the un-American, unpatriotic charlatan in the White House. Trump, we learned, was the first president since 2002 to not visit American troops overseas at Christmastime. The horrors just keep piling up when it comes to this guy! What a monster!

Another outlet found a way to accentuate the insult, claiming that this was just another example of the draft-dodging president finding a way to avoid a war zone. Trump, of course, had a legitimate deferment from Vietnam thanks to bone spurs in his feet, but the New York Times helpfully debunked that story…by chatting with the podiatrist’s adult daughters, who somehow have insight into the “favor” their deceased father paid to Trump’s father back in the day. In an era of already-shoddy journalism, this particular Times piece was only distinguishable from a National Enquirer article thanks to the quality of the writing. And even that’s debatable.

But then, out of nowhere, the media was forced to eat their words. Turns out that Trump was suddenly in Iraq, visiting the troops (who were visibly grateful to see him). Quick, how can we attack him now?

Just read the first couple of paragraphs from this sad report from the Washington Post:

President Trump touched down Wednesday in Iraq in his first visit to a conflict zone as commander in chief, a week after announcing a victory over the Islamic State that his own Pentagon and State Department days earlier said remained incomplete.

The president’s visit to Al Asad Air Base west of Baghdad, which was shrouded in secrecy, follows months of public pressure for him to spend time with troops deployed to conflicts in the Middle East and punctuates the biggest week of turmoil the Pentagon has faced during his presidency.

That’s a NEWS article, not an opinion column. Not punditry from the talking heads at CNN. This is a straightforward news account of the president’s visit to Iraq, and it is couched in the most unbelievably negative terms one could think of and remain family-friendly.

What are these news outlets going to do when Trump is out of office and they have to return to some semblance of objective journalism? Do they really think anyone in America is ever going to trust them again?

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