Media to Democrats: Voters Don’t Give a Damn About Russia


We’ve noticed that a few political reporters have spoken out this week to warn Democrats that if they’re planning to make the Russia hoax the defining point of their campaigns, they should go ahead and expect to lose when November rolls around. This is a remarkable admission, considering that this has been a media-driven story from the beginning.

It has been the liberal media, moreso even than Democrat politicians, who have tried to work the public into a frenzy about every little detail of the Russia “scandal.” It has been the media calling on Trump to be impeached. It has been the media finding sinister shadows behind every decision Trump makes about Russia. So it’s pretty hilarious for them to now turn around and admit that voters don’t give a damn about any of this stuff.

Over on PBS, NPR political correspondent Mara Liasson said Friday that the Democrats who have  been successful in winning special elections over the past year have been those who ignored or severely downplayed the Russia angle.

Washington Post reporter Josh Dawsey agreed. “I think there’s rightly some reticence from Democrats to talk about this too much because it’s a complicated storyline,” he said. “I mean, to an average American, I’m not sure how much some of the intricacies in the day-to-day retinue of this story really resonates. There’s a lot to see here, but how much of it delves down and is a voting issue for people?”

“I don’t think it is,” Liasson said. “And I think if you look at successful Democrats who’ve run in these special elections, or off-years, they’re not talking about Russia. They know that when you look at the list of issues that voters care about, Russia is way down at the bottom.”

That kind of talk is shocking enough coming from two members of the establishment media. But it has been even more astounding to see these liberals react to the Democrat National Committee’s lawsuit against the Trump campaign. Last week, the DNC filed a big suit against the Trump campaign and Russia. DNC Chair Tom Perez went on TV and claimed they had a “mountain of evidence” that Trump colluded with Moscow to hack their emails and so forth. Last year at this time, the media would have been salivating all over this move. Today? In 2018? The reaction was decidedly muted.

On CNN, where the Russia story has been front and center for the last year and a half, political analyst Gloria Borger could hardly hide her contempt when the subject of the lawsuit came up.

“How much of this do you think is just a stunt versus a pretty smart ploy for court of public opinion?” asked host Brooke Baldwin.

“A 100 percent stunt; 100 percent,” Borger replied. “They want to get in the act, obviously. They want to keep the story moving. This is nothing new. Every Democrat has been charging that the Trump campaign was in collusion with WikiLeaks, et cetera. We know that the DNC was hacked, we’ve been talking about this since the campaign. And honestly, it’s just a way to raise money.”

So here you have some of most prominent champions of this Russia story essentially denouncing the story for the first time. Oh, we’re sure they would still insist that it’s all very factual and true and troubling, but they are no longer pretending that this is a thing anyone cares about outside the CNN breakroom. That’s a major development, and it really says something about how little faith the American people have left in the mainstream media.

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