Melania Trump’s Spokesperson Blasts Media for Vicious Coverage

While we have to give a smidgen of credit for actually running an op-ed from Stephanie Grisham, spokesperson for First Lady Melania Trump, in the first place, they should feel overwhelmingly ashamed and cowed by what she wrote in the piece.

Grisham’s article, published Sunday on the website, is one of the most thorough takedowns of the hostile fake news media that we’ve seen this side of the president himself. In her defense of Melania and her direct criticism of CNN contributor Kate Anderson Brower, Grisham leaves no reader in doubt about the truly hateful forces that guide today’s mainstream media machine.

“In yet another unnecessary attack on the first lady, CNN contributor Kate Anderson Brower, who purports to be an expert on the customs and norms of first ladies and yet has never met Melania Trump, wrote Thursday that Mrs. Trump ‘proved that she doesn’t understand what it means to be first lady,’” wrote Grisham.

“This condescending opinion, apparently written in response to a single answer Mrs. Trump gave in a Fox News interview Wednesday, was published just hours after the first lady traveled to Children’s National hospital in Washington to read a Christmas story, visit sick children and thank the hardworking hospital staff,” she continued.

“CNN has a dedicated reporter who covers Mrs. Trump,” she wrote. “But the media consistently ignores the first lady’s work on behalf of the people of this country, and children in particular, in favor of more trivial matters. And my defense, here, of the first lady will certainly draw criticism and be framed as another assault on the press, but this predictable reaction won’t make my observations any less true.”

Grisham is of course absolutely right. The media has turned especially hostile against the first lady in the past month, and there’s no reason to doubt why that may be. Melania has been more outspoken than usual about her belief in her husband’s agenda – nothing that should be considered uncommon among the first ladies of the United States. But it’s uncommon here, for two reasons. One, Melania has been unusually quiet and unpublicized throughout much of Trump’s presidency. Two, the left likes to imagine that she is somehow “captive” to the evil Trump, holed up in a tower like a fairy tale princess and loathing her captor.

And three, well, she’s associated with Donald Trump, and the media must, by some unwritten law, despise everything having to do with Donald Trump.

It is not Melania Trump who is failing to live up to the “job” of being First Lady of the United States. It is the media that fails to treat her with the respect and honor afforded to literally everyone else who has been in that position.


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