Michelle Obama Faces School Board Fury: Food Nutrition Best Decided at Local Level

There was a time when conservatives had to be wary about liberals pushing their greedy government fingers into our taxes, our religion, and our right to bear arms. All of that remains true, but we must also now have to beware of them putting their hands all over our food! What could be nastier?

Well, it appears that the Muskego, Wisconsin School District is telling Michelle Obama to back off. In an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the school board president said, “We believe that proper food nutrition and meal portion guidelines are best decided at a local level.” The president, Rick Petfalski, goes on to say that the district will be opting out of the federal school lunch program regulations. While this means they will not be able to receive federal funds for the meals, it also means they will be free to serve the type of menu they want. Even with the federal funds, the district was projected to lose $54,000 this year under the regulations. Petfalski expects to turn that around by opting out and serving a menu that kids will actually buy.

Petfaski closed his comments by noting that Michelle Obama was the catalyst behind the difficult guidelines, pointing out that she had not been elected to any office that he was aware of. He makes a good point that tends to get missed by plenty of Presidents and their First Ladies, though Michelle Obama has been more active than most. One of the worst things we can do is assume that politicians have some secret fountain of wisdom on a wide variety of topics, because this is almost never the case. They have their handlers, they have their strengths, but they are mostly successful because they are good at public speaking and playing the game. That’s all. Michelle Obama is even worse, because she isn’t even an elected representative.

In the desire to have something to do, she campaigned against this national obesity epidemic we’re dealing with. That’s not a terrible thing for the first lady to throw her support behind – I mean, American kids are fat. As usual, though, liberals overextend themselves. While Bloomberg is busy trying to ban sodas in New York, Michelle took her fight to the schools. Take away the tacos, she said. Take away the chocolate milk, she cried.

What school boards and principals and lunch ladies have long known – and what the lefties are just now learning – is that when children aren’t presented with edible options, they don’t eat. That might be fine and well; after all, the point of all this is to get them to shed some pounds. Except that without eating a proper lunch, these children can’t learn. A hungry kid = a non-learning kid. And to think, the liberals have been pointing their fingers at Republicans for slashing programs and starving poor children. Clean up your own house, liberal windbags. Oh, and have a corn dog for the children’s sake.

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