Minneapolis Precinct Stuck by Gunfire in Brazen Attack

Minneapolis’ 4th precinct was struck with bullets after midnight on Tuesday morning.

A vehicle containing an unknown number of people was driving in the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct parking lot in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Officers in the area heard the sound of gunfire and “the sound of bullets passing by them” before they took cover and observed the vehicle taking off out of the lot. The police officers, who were standing outside the precinct in the parking lot, were not harmed.

After a brief pursuit, the police caught up to the suspected vehicle, and two suspects attempted to flee. Police caught both suspects and a third who had hid nearby.

“Two adult males fled on foot from the vehicle. Officers caught and arrested both adult males. A gun was recovered. A third male was located hiding in the area. He was arrested and a second gun was recovered,” the MPD told Fox News.

Evidence of the incident was found at the scene of the discharge, according to police. Additional, collateral damage was also documented in residential areas nearby.

“The 4th Precinct building was struck by gunfire. One of the bullets entered the building through a window. Residential buildings in the area were also damaged by gunfire. Numerous discharged cartridge casings were located in an alley extending from Knox Ave N to Logan Ave N south of Plymouth Ave N,” the MPD stated.

The three men had two guns between them, both of which were taken by authorities. Officers did not fire their weapons during the incident.

“Forensic Scientists from the Minneapolis Police Forensic Division responded to process the scene and collect evidence.  MPD is investigating,” the police statement continued. “The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office and the Minnesota State Patrol responded to the scene to provide assistance.”

Some upscale Minneapolis, Minnesota, neighborhoods are drawing criticism over an initiative in which residents have pooled money to fund extra police patrols following the city’s pledge to “disband” the police department. 

Residents in the Lowry Hill neighborhood, using a nonprofit known as the Minneapolis Safety Initiative, secured a contract with the city for $210,000 in extra police patrols from Jan. 17 through Dec. 31, the Minneapolis Post reported. 

The move is a “temporary measure to address the current crime wave while MPD continues to rebuild to full staffing levels,” according to the nonprofit’s website. The website suggests donations of $220 per month from residents in order for the program to achieve its “desired” impact.

Original Article: Minneapolis precinct struck by gunfire, 3 suspects in custody after barrage of bullets | Fox News

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