MLK’s Niece Slams Obama for “Moral Bankruptcy”

There has long been this feeling in the country that Democrats are the party for minorities. If you want to see blacks and Hispanics succeed in America, that narrative says, then you’ll want to vote blue. This narrative has only intensified since Obama’s election, and the left has taken advantage by calling almost everyone who criticizes the president a racist.

Well, let’s see them call Alveda King a racist. The niece of civil rights pioneer Martin Luther King, Jr. said in an interview Friday that the current administration was suffering from “moral bankruptcy” when asked if Obama and Eric Holder had helped the black community.

“All of our leaders—or many of our leaders—are just morally bankrupt right now,” she said. “They’re not calling on God. We still stay ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ but we’re not practicing that. We need to call on God. There’s a moral bankruptcy in this country and we really need to come back to God.”

This, of course, is the last kind of language the left wants to entertain, especially coming from a black woman. But who can deny the truth of her statement? The left has all but declared war on traditional religious values in this country, bending over backwards to make sure atheists feel comfortable in America. Worse than that, they’ve convinced black Americans that the best way forward is through continued dependency on the federal government.

Beyond Big Government

It is this kind of dangerous message that Dr. King hopes to eradicate. She, along with various black, Hispanic, and Tea Party conservative leaders, is starting an outreach program, intended to spread a different kind of message to minority communities. Called “Restore the Dream 2014,” the program is intended to shake loose these terrible messages of liberalism and get minorities thinking about a different kind of philosophy. One that rejects big government and the welfare state.

She’s just one of many outspoken black leaders who have begun to question the effect of liberalism in the minority community. For years, Democrats have declared themselves the champions of the poor. Only now are Americans starting to realize that for all their “help,” they’ve actually made things much worse. They’ve fostered and enabled a culture of violence, poverty, and government-dependence that continues, generation to generation, with only a relative few fortunate enough to escape.

To the low-information voter (or the socialist ideologue), it appears that free market capitalism and Republican insensitivity is at the heart of the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth. And that’s not to say that every Democrat idea is terrible for blacks or every Republican idea is wonderful for them; it doesn’t work that way. But there’s no question in my mind that the principles of conservatism vastly outdo those of liberalism when it comes to helping everyone succeed, helping everyone live a better life, and helping end the cycle of poverty.

Is it more difficult for a black kid from Compton to succeed than a white kid from Greenwich Village? No question. But the federal government is not there to turn the world into a utopia. No one with a healthy mind and body is locked out of the American dream. The more we can help people understand that – white people, black people, brown people, women, everyone – the closer we can come to realizing that great dream Dr. Alveda King’s uncle preached about more than fifty years ago.

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