“Mostly White Crowds”: The Media’s New Favorite Phrase

From the New York Times (of a nearby universe):

Democratic nominee Barack Obama reiterated his outreach to white voters this week, but critics – both Republicans and academic experts – condemned the controversial candidate for once again making his appeal in front of a mostly-black crowd in Atlanta.

“I say to white Americans, Republican policies have kept you dependent on Starbucks coffee, hypnotized by Playstation, and in a constant state of confusion as you watch pop music get worse with every passing year,” Mr. Obama said. “To the mother who can’t shop at Publix without getting a snotty look from a teenage cashier, to the hipster worried that extreme individuality may itself be a version of conformism, and to the legions of marginalized voices who cry out for a summer blockbuster that features not a single superhero – I tell you, what do you have to lose?”

Esteemed racial theory professor Barnabus Larenson III said the speech was disgraceful. “Mr. Obama is not really reaching out to white Americans,” he said. “He’s playing to educated black voters by using the suburban stereotypes they unconsciously cling to. When history turns its light on this campaign, they’ll see a very dark core.”

But really, is it any more ridiculous than what’s actually happening?

The new catchphrase in Donald Trump coverage: “Mostly white crowds.” Sometimes it’s “predominantly Caucasian audiences” or “largely pale supporters,” but it’s been included in nearly every single article discussing Trump’s outreach to African-American voters. The message behind this phrase – sometimes put in more explicit terms for slow readers – is that Trump isn’t really campaigning for black votes. He’s just making a show of it to attract mainstream, white Republicans who hate seeing conservatism and racism linked in the public’s consciousness.

No Democrat’s motives would ever be questioned in this way. Hillary Clinton was not lambasted in the mainstream media for “refining” her message to West Virginia coal country after saying she would put them out of work. No, no, it was just the Republicans making all of that up, misinterpreting her words by quoting her directly.

If Trump is making these appeals in front of mostly-white audiences, we ask: How could it be any other way? The media is acting as though Donald Trump is the first Republican nominee. Like, this party was just formed the other day. They act as though Republicans have not been performing in front of “mostly-white” audiences for as long as any of us have been alive. That’s…that’s the whole point! If Trump was holding rallies in front of “mostly-black” audiences, why would he need to do outreach? The media tells us that there might not be more than three or four (total!) black Republicans in America, and only maybe one or two of those are Trump supporters. Trump would struggle to fill a Hillary-sized gymnasium, much less an arena. And wouldn’t the media love to mock him for trying.

But as long as they focus on “mostly-white” audiences, they can avoid focusing on what Trump is actually saying. And since what Trump is saying is the truth – that 90% of black misery in this country is perpetuated by the Democratic Party – don’t expect them to change that focus anytime soon.

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