Mother of Hunter Biden’s “Love Child” Testifies Before Grand Jury, Investigates Finances


The woman he had a child out of wedlock with, the troubled son of President Biden, Hunter, says she was subpoenaed and has testified before a grand jury looking into the younger Biden’s finances.

Clint Lancaster, a lawyer for Lunden Roberts’ the mother of Hunter Biden’s “love child,” said that his client testified before a Wilmington, Del., grand jury litigating a federal tax probe into the 52-year-old first son. The news was first broken by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine. 

Lancaster also told CNBC that on behalf of Roberts, he offered “a significant amount of [Biden’s] financial records” to investigators in response to a subpoena. The attorney also said he “expects” the son of President Biden to be indicted as the case rolls on in his home state.

On a recent broadcast of  Fox’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Devine spoke about her own research and reporting on the case.

“[Roberts] was working as a stripper in Washington, D.C. when Hunter met her. He frequented a lot of strip joints and got her pregnant,” Devine reported.

“He said in his memoir ‘Beautiful Things’ last year that he had no recollection of her at all – couldn’t remember the encounter that they had. And yet what his laptop shows is that they knew each other for at least almost a year.”

Devine claimed Hunter Biden would bring her into his Washington office through the back door and that he told building staff that she was a scholastic basketball coach for his younger daughter.

“So he knew her very well, but she had to chase him for about ten months through the courts to get him to acknowledge paternity. She had to get a DNA test,” she said. “And I suppose, in the end, she does not feel that warmly towards him, and you can’t really blame her.”

“And so I guess she’s told the grand jury in Delaware everything she knows, and her lawyer is assisting her,” Devine added.

Devine, the author of the Hunter-centric book “Laptop From Hell,” further told host Jesse Watters that she is still very concerned about what she described as alleged “influence peddling” abroad under the Biden name.

“There’s ample evidence, not just on the laptop, but from Tony Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, who very courageously came forward and gave his documents to the FBI,” she said, referring to a bombshell interview on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in 2020.

“So we know that there are a lot of problems that Joe Biden has, and he’s compromised with those countries [where Hunter did business].”

In fact, if not for the war in Ukraine serving as a distraction, the President would be feeling a lot more heat regarding the mounting evidence of fraud and corruption swirling around his son Hunter.

  1. Richard says

    Nothing will happen to Hunter. The communist democrats willsee to that.

  2. James says

    Talk about “WHITE PRIVILEGE”. Especially if your father has made his millions being a senator. The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree. We are all aware that the father was well aware of what his son was doing and no doubt received a few kick backs himself. Can you name me another person who has gotten paid millions of dollars and has the IQ of a turnip?

    1. This is what happens when "Democrat Election Fraud" is not sent back to the States to Verify on January 6th says

      You spelled “DEMOCRAT PRIVILEGE” wrong.

      A Republican would NEVER get away with that.

    2. Robert Therrien says

      Hunter and Joe Biden are not white. The caucasian race kicked them out 50 years ago and now they are just the Biden race.

  3. PurePurple says

    This is what happens when an election is fixed. When you are controlled by people who have multibillions of dollars. The Biden’s have been doing this for quite a long time. Hunter is a coddled brat his whole life and learned that like his father you can be as corrupt and still get what you want. Why hasn’t senior Biden been called out? Because he’s been protected by his big money friends. We all know Biden is not really running the show either, he’s just the person who they decided to use as their prop up, throw Kameltoe Harris in there to make it look better. This screwup duo is causing our country to suffer horribly and now we are looking for Republicans to get the house and senate back so at least we can have a fighting chance, that’s if they don’t screw the pooch like they did when President Trump was in. Oh and we better hope Soros doesn’t get total control because we will definitely have One World Order.

  4. Barbara Masiello says

    I’m reading the book Laptop from Hell. It makes the Clintons look like angels.

  5. Pat says

    Hang him by his balls***corrupt POS💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  6. Human says

    It’s amazing to me that we are still surprised at corruption in our political system. It’s been more than apparent that nobody in politics gets ahead without being completely corrupt. In this world of instant information nothing can be hidden for long no matter how much our corrupt media lies and refuses to cover stories of corruption when it applies to their particular choice of corrupt politician. The very reason Trump had to go is he was exposing these very people and as time goes by we find time after time he was accurate and blatantly honest yet still unbelievably half of this country would prefer to live in denial, support the corrupt and ignore the realities. I simply cannot understand why anyone would prefer to be lied to and want censorship of the truth. Can they not see where this leads? Do they really believe that these liars will not come for them once they find themselves on the wrong side of the current narrative? Do they not understand that the political winds in this country can and will change direction on a dime and that what they once were willing to support is now being used against what their beliefs are? Are people so stupid that they are willing to throw away the principles of freedom in order to get what they want and that it’s only a short term victory? Short-sightedness aside when you agree to conspire to silence your opponent you are not supporting freedom or democracy. You are in fact destroying tge very thing you claim to be protecting. It’s about time Americans learn a valuable lesson about freedom and being foolish enough to carry the water for corrupt wealthy outvof touch elitists and that lesson may cost them the very freedom they claim to love and cherish. Truth is rarely convenient nor does it care anything about your feelings but truth is the only path to freedom. Silencing your competitors may be effective short term but un the end it will cost you everything.

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