Mr. President, We’re Out of Time

Oh, the media really wanted this to be something else. For two full days (a day and a half longer than any American with the slightest shred of sense), our nation’s newsbringers clung to the thin strands of hope. Maybe it was workplace violence! Maybe this was some kind of anti-government (read: white) terrorist operation! Maybe (suggested one bimbo on CNN) this was the result of postpartum psychosis.

But no. Officials confirmed Friday that the San Bernardino massacre that put fourteen innocent people in the ground was, indeed, exactly what we knew it was from the moment the suspect’s name was announced: Islamic terrorism.

According to U.S. officials, speaking to CNN anonymously, murderer Tashfeen Malik – the female half of the married duo – publicly pledged allegiance to ISIS mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the midst of the slaughter. She did so under a false Facebook account, apparently – as radical as these Islamics were, they desperately wanted to keep their radicalism a secret.

And so yes, that’s puzzling. And yes, it’s strange, these reports that Syed Farook – the male half of the married duo – got into some kind of workplace altercation shortly before the rampage.

But come on.

And now it’s your turn, Barack Hussein Obama. It’s your turn to acknowledge the true seriousness of what has happened. On the same day that you were eschewing the notion that a Paris-style attack could happen in the U.S., a Paris-style attack happened in the U.S.

A terrorist attack.


It is unforgivable and impeachable for you to mention gun control anymore. A list of the ways you have harmed this country could fill a small library. Fine. None of that matters anymore. You’re beyond anything that could be called “redemption,” but you are not free of your primary duty, which is to protect and defend the United States of America. If you are not willing to do so, then you need to do the only other honorable thing: Resign from office.

This is no longer a political game. Americans are dying on your watch. They are dying because you have this image of yourself as a Peaceful President. Peace is great and all, but a pacifist ideology doesn’t play when we’re already at war. If you have even the slightest patriotic bone in your body, we’re going to need to see some action. Not next year. Not next month.

Right now.

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