MSNBC Guest: Trump Doing the “White Thing” to Dismiss Kamala Harris

With a strong debate performance, particularly against Joe Biden, this week, Sen. Kamala Harris turned herself into a real threat to the frontrunner candidates. Naturally, because she’s now in the picture, President Donald Trump decided to take a few shots across the bow, undoubtedly hoping to blunt her momentum. That’s called politics. That’s called what people do when they’re facing down challenges. It goes double for Trump, who has never shied away from attacking an opponent whether they’re blue, black, green, or purple.

But, naturally, for people in the media who make their careers off of creating and exploiting racial divisions in this country, anything said by a Republicans against Harris is racism in action. One can only imagine how ugly this kind of “defense” will get if she actually becomes the nominee. Oh, actually, you don’t have to imagine it, because you can remember Barack Obama. Everything said about the man by anyone right of center was dismissed as racism. The same will hold true of Harris – except the media will be able to add an extra dose of “sexism” into the mix as well.

On MSNBC, known anti-Semite and homophobe Joy Reid sat down with professional race instigator Elie Mystal to talk about the debates. After running a clip of Trump telling reporters that the hype surrounding Harris was overblown, Reid said, “We’re giving the black lady too much credit, Elie.”

Which was all the encouragement Mystal needed.

“Black people always getting something they don’t deserve, right?” he said. “That’s the white thing that they’re doing. Donald Trump Jr., talking about whether Kamala Harris is black enough is like me talking about whether Idris Elba is hitting the gym hard enough. It’s dumb, it’s ridiculous. Obviously, look: there’s always going to be five, to ten, to 12 percent of African-Americans who have their vote colonized by the Republicans, or by Russia. And that’s just–look–you can’t free everybody. So like that’s just going to be a thing that happens. And we have to try hard not to overreact to your black Republican friend telling you Kamala Harris isn’t black enough.”

Wow, okay. So any black voter who has judged for himself that Harris, being Jamaican, is not the descendant of the American slave trade and therefore has not earned the “oppression” stripes shared by those who were…has been “colonized” by the Republican Party? This is about as foolish and offensive a thing as we’ve ever heard Mystal say, and believe us when we tell you: That covers a lot of ground.

Now does it, or should it, matter what Harris’s genes say she is? Not to our mind, but when you’re running a movement and leading a party that says identity politics is the end-all, be-all of what matters, it’s inevitably going to come up. We’ve already heard gays discuss whether Pete Buttigieg is “gay enough,” so it’s only natural that some people will discuss whether Harris is “black enough.” Don’t blame Don Jr. for poking at the hornet’s nest you yourself created. That’s just bad form.

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