MSNBC Kook: Supreme Court and Trump Just Fulfilled “Bin Laden’s Vision”

Steve Schmidt is a frequent MSNBC contributor who made his long-overdue exit from the Republican Party last week, apparently in an effort to keep up with George Will. Schmidt, who was instrumental in helping John McCain lose his bid for the presidency in 2008, was so disgusted with the Trump administration’s enforcement of immigration law that he just couldn’t be a part of the GOP any longer.

This might have been a momentous occasion if, 1) Anyone gave a damn about Steve Schmidt, or 2) Schmidt hadn’t been using MSNBC as a microphone to bash the Republican Party nonstop for the last two years straight. As it stands, Schmidt’s leaving his party identification behind was little more than a formality.

Warming up to his new status as an independent liberal, Schmidt went on a tirade on Tuesday against the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the infamous Trump Travel Ban. Seeing an opportunity to push the Hyperbole Button and virtue signal to all of the channel’s drooling liberal viewers, Schmidt said the ruling was nothing less than a “fantastic fulfillment of Osama bin Laden’s vision by Donald J. Trump.”

To defend the idea that people from dangerous countries all over the world should have unfettered access to the United States, Schmidt brought up the case of former FBI agent Ali Soufan, a Muslim who was supposedly on the verge of preventing the 9/11 attacks.

“Is America better off with Ali Soufan here? I would argue he is,” Schmidt said.

Host Nicolle Wallace, another Republican who has caught the anti-Trump Train to fame, did not bother to mention that Soufan, who was born in Lebanon, would not have been affected by any incarnation of the Trump travel ban.

“What Osama bin Laden hoped to provoke was a war of civilizations,” Schmidt said. “A war between the West and one billion Muslims. And so what Donald Trump and this Muslim ban signal to the world is that Muslims are not welcome here.”

Again, Wallace did not bother to point out that the travel ban included such Islamic hotbeds as North Korea and Venezuela, nor that it left out countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Oman, the Palestinian Territories, Jordan, etc., etc. This is MSNBC, where it is just taken for granted that this limited, highly-specific travel order was a “Muslim ban.”

People like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace do happen to sit on the Supreme Court, and they made their feelings known in the dissent on Tuesday. Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg signed on to a scathing opinion that blasted the Court’s majority for every racial/legal crime under the sun.

They did not, however, go as far as to suggest that Chief Justice John Roberts and Donald Trump were doing the bidding of Osama bin Laden. We suppose they deserve credit for that, at the very least.



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