MTV Liberals: You’re Sexist if you Mock Selfies

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably rolled your eyes a time or two at our selfie-obsessed culture. Taking a picture of yourself is one thing, but when your entire life is consumed with posting the latest selfie to Facebook, you might be suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. Or what we used to call “extreme vanity.”

But if you’re in the habit of mocking girls who spend their lives in front of their own cell phone cameras, MTV wants you to know that you’re probably a sexist.

The station that built its foundation on the exploitation of scantily-dressed dancers and pop stars now has a YouTube channel they use to promote various social justice theories. One of the channel’s stars, Laci Green, released a video this week criticizing Major League Baseball announcers for daring to make fun of selfie-obsessed sorority girls. After the announcers mocked Arizona State sorority sisters for spending all of their time snapping shots of themselves instead of watching the game, Green announced that selfies were an important part of the feminist movement.

“The announcers’ little rant was splattered with sexism,” Green said. “When we’re talking about the selfie debate, it’s not just about pictures; it’s a coded conversation about young women who take them. The concern people express about selfies is almost identical to misogynistic insults that have been hurled at girls forever.”

Anyone who has been watching the feminist movement knows that these idiots left the reservation a long time ago, but this may represent a new achievement in lunacy. Green goes on to tell us what selfies have done for women in a society of oppression.

“Selfies allow young women to define themselves instead of constantly being defined by other people,” she said. “Selfies also promote better representation and a direct challenge to old media where women’s representation is overwhelmingly controlled by men.”

It’s hard to imagine anyone, including Green, actually believes this crap. But you would be surprised at the lengths feminists will go to hang on to their victimhood status. A half a world away, women are being stoned to death for adultery. But here in the U.S., feminists keep their focus on the important things. A woman is not truly free until she can take a selfie without fear of mockery. Perhaps Hillary Clinton can add this to her official 2016 platform.

Again, it becomes obvious that this is a movement built on sand. Sugary sand at that. The goal is no longer equality; the goal is just to keep the fight going. Having obviously learned the lesson that no one ever went broke underestimating the public, these cretins are willing to defy common sense to find examples of masculine oppression. And time after time, their loyal liberal followers buy into it without a second thought.

Or for that matter, without even a first thought.

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