Muslims Really Upset About Ilhan Omar (Being Criticized)

Well, once again, American Muslims (and Democrats) are confronted with a perfect opportunity to prove to the country that their loyalties are to the United States, period. And once again, they have failed to take advantage of that opportunity. Instead of condemning, in no uncertain terms, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s dismissive “some people did some things” remarks about the 9/11 attacks, they have gone in the exact opposite direction, circling the wagons around the freshman congresswoman.

Last week, the New York Post published an extremely powerful cover story, illustrated by the burning Twin Towers. Underneath this, the paper wrote: Here’s Your Something.

It was a statement of solidarity with the people of New York, the survivors of that fateful tragedy, and an uncompromising rejection of anyone who would try to downplay what happened to this nation on September 11. It was, in other words, an expression of clear, sober sanity in a culture that has grown increasingly unhinged. Unhinged to the point of electing and celebrating Muslim women who seem to harbor a disdain for Israel. A disdain no doubt shared by the 19 hijackers.

In a world that makes sense – one where American Muslims were desperate to show that they are patriots who understand there are some…problems…with aspects of their religious ideology, groups like CAIR would be on the frontlines of condemning Omar’s statement. Imams all over the country would be denouncing her and expressing their solidarity with everyone who remembers what it was like to watch those towers fall.

Instead, a group of Yemeni corner-store owners in New York City are boycotting the New York Post, which had the audacity of pointing out the very simple truth about what “something” happened on September 11, 2001. Perhaps they realized that when people start remembering the “something,” they’ll also remember who the “some people” were.

In an open letter, the Yemeni American Merchants Association argued that the Post’s cover photo “provoked hatred” and is intended to “harm Omar and her family and other people of the Islamic faith.”

Aw, you poor people of the Islamic faith. How ever did we forget that you were the real victims of 9/11? Thanks so much for reminding us that you’re always the victims, in every situation. We forgot for a minute, that’s all.

If you’re a New Yorker looking for a corner store to buy cigarettes and newspapers, we encourage you to look for one that actually supports this country and honors the victims of 9/11. They want a boycott? Give them one they’ll remember.

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