MUST WATCH: Judge Loses It in Court; Gets Suspended


Disorder in the court!

A foul-mouthed and furious Florida judge has been booted from the bench for calling a defendant an “a–hole” in court and telling him to “shut up.”

Seminole County Judge William Culver was removed from the bench for 60 days after startling video emerged from the February confrontation, according to WESH.

Culver was adjudicating another case when an unidentified man waltzed into the courtroom ahead of his own case being heard and began muttering to himself while leisurely deciding where to sit.

Culver immediately took note of his presence and asked him to be quiet.

Can you shut up and sit down?” the annoyed jurist said before matters escalated.

“That’s not shutting up,” he continued after the man apparently blew off the demand.

“Do you want to be held in contempt?” he then warned the man.

After failing to receive an adequate response, Culver exploded.

“I asked you a f—ing question, a–hole!” the judge said before again telling him to “shut up.”

The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission cited that incident and another testy exchange in handing down its punishment.

Culver allegedly told another disruptive defendant in January that he would be happy to send him to prison for so long that they would name the jail after him.

“Judge Culver told the respondent that the Court’s words were ‘the most important words you’ll ever hear as long as you live as an organism on this planet,’” according to the commission’s ruling obtained by WESH. “The Court followed that up by telling the pro-se respondent that if he continued to interrupt the petitioner, the judge would send him to jail for so long that the litigant would ‘have to have the jail re-named after [him].’”

Culver was also ordered to complete an anger management course and stress management counseling and will be publicly reprimanded.

The commission found that the judge’s “sarcasm and mockery” in the courtroom violated the code of judicial conduct.

“His words and actions are as offensive as they are inappropriate,” the commission said.

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  1. ROBERT JONES says

    Good little Judge!

  2. Frank Blackwood says

    John 8:12
    Jesus said,” I am the Light of the world.No one can come to the Father except through Me.”

  3. Frank Blackwood says

    John 3:16
    God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that everyone who believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.

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