Nancy Pelosi, Why Are You Acting So Strange?

Nancy Pelosi is drawing a lot more attention with her strange behavior, than normal.

Recently, the Speaker of the House spoke out about the no-fly zone in Ukraine, well she tried to, at least. In this clip, you’ll notice Pelosi clambering for words that you would think would come naturally to her, given her high-profile position and lengthy years of dedication and service to the government and the American people.

Watch the clip here:

For an extra bonus, here is Pelosi’s St. Patrick’s Day speech where she reads an excerpt from Bono, an Irish artist, and says “Bono has been a very Irish part of our lives.” We’re not clear why Pelosi would think Bono is a part of all of our lives.

To come full circle, here’s a clip from Biden’s arguably famous first State of the Union where Nancy Pelosi strangely rubs her clenched fists together. No one has yet to determine why this happened.

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