NBC Poll: The Less You Know, The More You Like Bernie Sanders


NBC and Monmouth University rolled out a new poll this weekend that has Bernie Sanders fans hopping mad. The poll shows that the less you pay attention to what’s going on in politics, the more likely you are to want Sanders to be the next president. In other words, Sanders may be the ideal candidate for the “low information voter.”

“The less you are paying attention, the more likely you are a Bernie Sanders supporter,” said Chuck Todd on Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press.”

“The point being,” Todd continued, “Joe Biden took a bunch of soft supporters. Elizabeth Warren, with ‘I have a plan for that,’ is starting to get traction. Bernie seems to be a candidate, all of a sudden, trying to figure out how to get traction again.”

It’s not surprising that Sanders’ supporters would take offense to this notion, but it’s easy to understand. There is a certainly cult-like aspect to the socialist’s fan base. And the word “fan base” is the right word to use. People talk about Trump supporters like they are infatuated with “The God Emperor,” but there really is nothing more insufferable than the die-hard Bernie Bro. He is every bit a celebrity to them, and so it’s not too much of a stretch to think that they are too busy posting memes on Facebook about the glory of Chairman Bernie to pay attention to what’s really going on in the race.

We are, after all, talking mostly about college-aged leftists.

And, like the petulant children that they are, they took to social media to shoot the messengers.

“It is obvious that Chuck Todd and others at NBC (owned by corporate Comcast) are Biden supporters. They are afraid of Bernie. They constantly try to spin things against Bernie,” said one disgruntled Bernie Bro.

“This is just stupid,” said another witty supporter. “Perhaps those who support @BernieSanders don’t need to pay attention to your daily MSM driveling because they know he’s been consistent on POLICY for years and years.”

And then there was this guy: “So, the less you consume anti-Bernie propaganda, the more likely you are to support him? I hope someone got paid a lot of money to uncover that gem.”

Because that’s what you see all over the mainstream media: Anti-Bernie Sanders propaganda. But then, if you don’t watch it, how would you know it? Apparently just telling the results of a poll that’s unfavorable to their favorite socialist is “anti-Bernie propaganda.”

Oh well, Bernie is going to lose again, and then we’re going to have to hear the squeals of indignation from Socialist Headquarters (Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr) once more. But hey, if they’re angry enough to stay home and refuse to vote for Biden in the general…all the better. All the better.

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