Nearly Half of this Group Have Committed S– Crimes

While progressives in the US scream for transgender rights, new statistics from the UK have found that four out of ten transgender criminals in prison are guilty of sex crimes!

The investigation by the UK’s Ministry of Justice of 230 prisoners, found that 42 percent of those incarcerated who are living under a different gender identity are in jail for sex crimes. They include 44 jailed for rape and 14 who forced underage children into sexual activity.

Another 11 were convicted of sexual assault, and seven for possessing or making child porn images.

The statistics, which do not make clear if the inmates are biological males living as women or vice versa, emerged days after the Ministry of Justice revealed a 17 percent surge in the number of trans prisoners in England and Wales, with at least six held in female jails.

Former Scottish justice secretary Kenny MacAskill, said, ‘These statistics show that the fears of women’s rights campaigners are right and governments north and south of the border are endangering vulnerable women.

Scottish administrators have just introduced a measure drafted by their First Minister that would make it easier for Scots as young as 16 to change gender. 

MacAskill went on to say, “Housing convicted male sex offenders with them is perverse and harms them. It shows the dangers of self-identification and the need to house such prisoners in separate facilities.”

Kate Coleman of the Keep Prisons Single Sex campaign said, “All the evidence suggests that sex crimes among trans women are at least as high as among other men.”

Justice Secretary Damian Hinds said, “We are not required to allocate transgender prisoners as they wish, and we are strengthening our policy towards transgender prisoners to ensure that transgender women who have committed sex offenses cannot be held in the general women’s estate, subject to an exception for really exceptional cases.”

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