NeverTrump? The Lincoln Project is Actually a Democrat-Funded Scam

The Lincoln Project has been, by far, the most successful “NeverTrump” organization of the last five years in terms of attracting donors and media attention. While the jury is still out on whether or not these – ahem – principled conservatives can actually turn Republican voters against President Donald Trump and towards Joe Biden, you can’t argue with their success so far. Every one of their ads against the president gets a ton of coverage in the press, and their YouTube videos have been shared widely among those who dislike Trump. The liberal media has lavished this group with so much adoration, you’d almost believe that The Lincoln Project is a Democratic Party initiative in disguise.

Indeed, once that idea pops into your head, it’s a tough one to shake. Especially when you read things like this from the Washington Post:

Advisers to the Lincoln Project, which they say has about 30 employees and raised $16.8 million this quarter, will soon expand to include ground operations. They are coordinating over 2,500 volunteers in Michigan and plan to next target Republican Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Thom Tillis (N.C.) and Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), who they see as vulnerable after his challenger, Jaime Harrison (D), pulled in a staggering $13.9 million since April.

Hmm. Seems weird that Republicans would go out of their way to boot Republicans out of office, even if they hate Trump to the very depths of their bones. Wouldn’t it still make sense to make sure the GOP retains control of the Senate? Even if you don’t care for Donald Trump, wouldn’t you want to prevent Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Joe Biden from assuming full control over the power structure in Washington? What would that accomplish, other than putting America’s fate in the hands of Democrats who despise everything about the conservative agenda?

Are people like George Conway, Steve Schmidt, Rick Wilson, and John Weaver, the Republican founders of this organization, so obsessed with beating Trump that they’re willing to trash their own political principles in doing so? Well, the answer is self-evidently yes.

But…is something else going on as well? Who is actually funding this organization?

National Review explains:

By far the biggest donor has been Stephen Mandel, who gave The Lincoln Project — which, as far as I can tell, produces cheap b-roll-laden ads and takes nearly 90 percent of its budget in “operating expenditures” — a million dollars. His company Lone Pine Capital, it seems, has given the Democratic Party Senate committee $497,000 this year, $248,500 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee, and a bunch of money to other left-wing candidates. During the 2018 cycle, Lone Pine Capital doled out $5,893,300 to Democrats. It gave $1,333,333 to Planned Parenthood.

Among the other top donors: Amos Hostetter, who has spent more than a million dollars supporting the Obama Foundation; David Geffen, a longtime Hollywood Democrat donor; and Joshua Bekenstein, who bestowed nearly $4 million on Democrat candidates in the midterms.

Gee, is it possible that these men don’t actually want what’s best for the Republican Party?

Who could have imagined…

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