NeverTrump – The Movement That Won’t Die

A new Washington Post story says that the NeverTrump movement is not quite ready to throw in the towel. The paper reports that a cabal of Republicans intensified their search for a third-party candidate in the days after Donald Trump dispatched the last remaining primary contenders. Mitt Romney, conservative writer Bill Kristol, and RedState’s Erik Erikson are among the prominent names hoping to launch an independent run against both the billionaire and Hillary Clinton.

“These conspiracies for the public good are time and labor intensive,” Kristol wrote in an email last week. “In any case, things are at a delicate stage now, so I really should keep mum. Suffice it to say that serious discussions and real planning are ongoing.”

Hmm, nothing gets a man’s patriotic juices flowing like a “conspiracy for the public good.”

Unfortunately for them, there doesn’t appear to be much interest from GOP donors. Most are unwilling to throw millions of dollars behind a candidate who has no shot at winning the presidency. And while the idea of simply stopping Trump by any means necessary appeals to some conservatives, others have their doubts: If the only outcome is President Hillary Clinton, what’s the point?

Some think there’s another possibility. A third-party candidate could draw enough voters away from both candidates that the election would go to the House of Representatives. At that point, the House – controlled by a Republican majority – would select the next president. They wouldn’t even have to choose among the candidates actually running. President Paul Ryan, anyone?

Others think that a third-party bid would preserve the future of the conservative movement. As columnist George Will said a couple of weeks ago, sometimes you have to lose to win.

The truth is that these Republicans are betraying the conservative movement, not helping it. The absolute worst outcome this November is for Hillary to win the election, and any conservative enabling that result can only be regarded as a traitor. This country cannot survive another four years of abject liberalism.

These elitists have one goal: Protect the establishment club they’ve worked so hard to build up. They don’t care about the working-class voters who made Trump the nominee. They want to keep the status quo going, the government expanding, and the money flowing into the Middle East. None of this has anything to do with restoring the American dream, and it certainly doesn’t have anything to do with protecting social conservatism.

This was the year that the voters went around the power structures, and the establishment can’t stand it.

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